Thursday, December 14, 2006


That's a stress ball. It looks like Santa. Because Santa's cute. And also because he should be squeezed so hard, his eyes pop out of his jolly f*%^&#@ face!

Oops! I mean - hello, nice people. My head is JUST above water and that doesn't even include anything Christmas shoppping related. That is all work. So far, I am managing to stay on top of it all. And thank god we're back to shorter shifts next week because my brain is fried and I need the time to do stuff. It is Corn's birthday tomorrow, too. We told each other that we were not doing any birthday/Christmas gifts this year and that helps...but I feel kinda bad about it. Maybe I will gift wrap the fingernails I've chewed to the nub.

For the Northern Ontario crew: It is RIDICULOUS here in Montreal. Feels like it is spring. No snow and 10 degrees. Call me a traditionalist, but I'd kinda like some snow. Dec 26th, it can screw off. But right now...gimmie a bit?


Amazon Woman said...

Poo! Wish I could throw you life preserver but I can't so I will watch you float....bwahahaha!

Happy Early B-day Corn man!

Keep smilin!

JB said...

Happy Birthday, Scott/Corn.
Here's to many many more happy ones shared with your great girl.

Nat, do you program music? Chain-wide, with Standard (Nat and I both work for them), they've decided to change the software we use to schedule music two weeks before Christmas. Merry Christmas to us music directors!

Good luck with keeping the stress under control. It can hurt your health, so squeeze the crap out of that Santa so you don't get sick over the holidays...

Newsguy Bob said...

Stress can cause raging zits too, y'know.

I, too, want snow. I'll be in Ottawa for Christmas, and it's just as mild here are in Montreal.


Anonymous said...

I want one of Santa's balls...where do I find one?? LMAO

Maria said...

CQ, I think you need one of the hussy's head and sqeeze the crap out of that.

Anonymous said...

Maria, you are too funny...but i think it WOULD

Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

It's stupidly warm in Toronto, too. And today, it's SUNNY. Disgusting, really. Where's my -20 windchill and blowing snow? Bah humbug!