Sunday, November 12, 2006


Sittin' on the couch on a rainy Sunday, with Flea on my lap. Corn is at the other end of the couch with Chachi curled into a ball on his lap. There is a Metallica documentary on TV that I am trying hard to tune out because it's annoying me.

Flea is draped across my forearms, so it's a bit hard to type...but she doesn't seem to mind the movement.

I got a new Macbook laptop a few weeks ago (you will hear me talking about it on the air soon)..and it is SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME! Never had a laptop before. Especially one with so many wicked-ass standard features. Once again, I will tick off Ma Horton by saying - PC's suck arse. I have a new toy! weoeoeoeoeee!

Me and Flea had a girl's nite in last nite - Corn brought Chachi to his friend's place for some hockey-watchin'. Chachi played with Mica...their 60 lb black lab all night. HAH! He thinks he's such a big man on campus. Mica is a real doll and Chachi is a bit of a jerk - and they totally LOVED each other's company...playing all night long. I'm glad he's got a friend as energetic as he is! Poor Flea usually gets the brunt of his energy and basically tolerates it. But doesn't really like it that much.

I've started writing a national countdown show - called the Canadian Top 20. It's fun to write, but lots of work, so I was tethered to my computer all day yesterday til about 10pm. Then me and Flea crashed in front of the TV til Corn and Chachi came home. Did you happen to catch SNL last nite? It was Alec Baldwin - his kazillionth time hosting. He's so good.

Anyhoo....our lease was transferred over to the new folks yesterday. So - that's sealed. We have some moving boxes kindly donated by the Kaptains, who are unpacking themselves. I think today , we'll start fillin up some boxes, since we may be moving some of our stuff over as early as a week from now!

Have a great Sunday....


JB said...

Congrats on the lease thing being out of the way!
Movin's excitin', eh?
I only saw the most talented Baldwin introduce Christina Ah-Gee-Lera, and stuck around to watch her thang. The girl can sing, but her dancers were frickin' hilarious! They came out with all this energy, BUT their arm movements were almost like the chicken dance, and I couldn't help but chuckle. nyuk. nyuckle.
...But I missed Baldwin. Love the stuff he does with Dave when he shows up on Letterman. Thoroughly entertaining guy.
By the way, all I can say about your fish? congratulations! It went for a great price, but in the end (and down to the very last few minutes, I might add), I got BEAT.
All your fish are not belong to me.
Sad about that, actually.
Currently doing a Sunday fill-in shift on our FM today. Requests, anyone?

Newsguy Bob said...

How about Don Ho, "Tiny Bubbles"?

JB said...

How about something from this century?

Anonymous said...

JB, How about Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?? For me,after all it is my birthday tomorrow....

Newsguy Bob said...

Dood, ya gotta broaden your horizons. This century is less than seven years old. Play a classic, like Morris Albert's "Feelings".

Hey, play that for CQ. She can probably relate. It will give her a chance to vent some more about the hussy. Venting is good.

JB said...

Okay, NGB, it's one thing to know that the song is called "Feelings". It's completely another level when you're aware that the artist is Morris Albert. Next you're gonna mention Eric Carmen or Andrew Gold, and I'll have to call the authorities.

Anonymous said...

JB, NGB has "Hungry Eyes" for puppies it seems.Meanwhile, I am *All By Myself*...:)

Maria said...

Hey Nat if you need any help with the "actual move" let me know - my friends own a moving company in Dorval!

JB play anything "hussy" related for CQ. Or maybe we can all make a hussy song and sing it on the air. Throw in Morgan and Liam as the back-up singers and we got ourselves a GROUP!

Anonymous said...

Maria, I freakin LOVE

amazon woman said...

Sounds super relaxing!

Keep smilin!

Newsguy Bob said...

Jb, I could so kick your butt at trivia, especially music trivia, and I'm the newsguy -- YOU'RE the deejay.

Andrew Gold: Thank You For Being A Friend (Even before "The Golden Girls").

Eric Carmen: All By Myself (the story of my lovelife)

Any more?

Too bad "Name That Tune" isn't on TV anymore. I would be the Ken Jennings of "Name That Tune".

No, conceit does not run in my family. I got it all.

Rick said...


Nothing but respect for ya…That Said, Mac are now PC’s …yup. As of recent Mac computers started using the same processors as PC’s; not to long from now the only diff will be what OS you decide to run. On that note though I have to say Mac’s are better dressed, and Dell & All could learn a thing or two from them…but is Mac a superior Computing Device? NO WAY!!!

JB said...

NGB, we have a guy like that in our music department of our Oldies station. He can name every song, the year the song came out, who wrote it, and why, and maybe even the writer's mother's favourite TV show.
However, we're pretty sure the guy can barely find his way to work every day, or tie his shoes.
Some of the less politically correct members of the staff call him the tard.

Newsguy Bob said...

I prefer "savant", thank you very much.

Uh-oh. Five minutes to Wapner.