Monday, November 06, 2006


I feel I've got to apologize for the sub-par posts as of late. We have so much to do with this condo, stuff! We visited the Sears liquidation store in Decarie square to price some stuff yesterday (we need a fridge and a stackable washer/dryer). The prices are actually really great! But you must buy 'as is' - like, with scratches or whatever. Dood, I don't care if my fridge is scratched if it saves me $200! THAT'S why they make fridge magnets. :) And when Chachi starts colouring, we can cover up the marks with his drawr-ings.

Oh my god - speaking of drawrings! Mine and Pay's are now up for bids. Please, don't fight.

Anyhoo. We're alive. And for your reading pleasure, a study that came out today concludes:


Wanna bet there are 10 % of men out there feeling VERY itchy right about now?!


John said...

Hey Gnat!

The link above leads to a blog with pictures of the sweetest lil CHA-Hooah-Hooah puppy I've ever seen. I thought you might enjoy it too.

All the Best,

John (Shannon)

JB said...

a) beautiful puppy, John (Shannon).
b) Chlamydia IS a flower...just not one you'd want growing anywhere close to you.

JB said...

Re: The Fish.
It is mine!
(Not really, but I at least got the bidding started.)

Maria said...

What the heck is clamydia anyway? Don't make me google. lol

Anonymous said...

Maria, 3 letters....STD. Glad you've never heard of it, it's a good sign you've never had

Maria said...

hehehaha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ummmmmmmm I thought it was something like that.

Does sound like it could be a flower though. lol

Yup, never having heard of it is a good sign - I would have to agree! lol

N@ Lauzon said...

Oh are so getting that painting and i am sad for you.