Sunday, November 05, 2006

Doogie Howser is Gay!

What would Wanda say?

Go Doogs, go!


Ma Horton said...

I love Doogie .. ( I have momentarily corrected a completely innocent typo ...looking back I saw that I had typed 2 g's in lieu of 2 o's ..thank you Mr. Backspace ..okay quitting while I am a head****!!)

Anonymous said...

I think Doogie and Clay would make a cute

Newsguy Bob said...

Neil Patrick Harris/Doogie Howser gay? Quelle surprise.

Although, it does kind of add context to Vinnie Delpino sneaking in through Doogie's bedroom window so often via the tree outside, doesn't it?

A co-worker of mine who has been coy about his sexuality and kind of came out at last year's Christmas party (he brought his "friend, Scott")got totally smashed at the Halloween party last week, and came flamboyantly flying out of the closet, making sure everyone at the party knew he's of that persuasion. My reply: "So what?"

By the way, he was one of three things that came out at last year's Christmas party. The other two were a pair of boobs that accidentally-on-purpose fell out of a woman's dress.

JB said...

Harris is hilarious in Harold and Kumar...For the most part, it's a stupid movie, but he's worth watching in it.

Ma Horton said...

Nobody ever gets my tongue in cheek do they ?

Anonymous said...

Ma, I got, just wanted to chew on it for a while...P.S I'm trying to get some of the girls together for next Fri night for my b-day...are you in?

Ma Horton said...

I have always been the type of person that is out when something is in and in when something is out . I do not think I have a babysitter .

N@ Lauzon said...

And it made me crave tiny White Castle burgers even though a) we don't have them in Canada and b) I don't eat red meat!

I thought the movie was great. But I'm also excited to see Borat, soooo, there's your barometer.

Rick said...


No meat is red if you cook it long enough.

NB: I tip my hat (if i wore one) to you, I managed to limit my read meat to ( a minuscule portion) once a week.

JB said...

I must admit that I also craved tiny-not-available-in-Canada White Castle burgers, and when I said it was a stupid movie, I didn't mean I didn't like it.
I like stupid movies. I actually love the 'riding the leopard' and the 'married to the bag of weed' scenes the best.
Did you see Borat on Letterman?
OH MY GOD it was funny!
If you haven't seen it, it's on YouTube under 'Borat on Letterman', but you have to get the right piece of the interview, where he's telling Dave a little about himself.
Just two words..."High Five!"

Rick said...

OK, I'm missing something.

I saw the movie...and those burgers aren't the least bit tempting...can anyone confirm their "flavory goodness"...I want a Man caliber burger..not this bite size stuff...This is taking me back to my "micro machine days"...the horror of when my hot wheels were replaced by micro...i digress. Um so if anyone tried them please let me know.