Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who's Bakin' Bread?


No, not me...Flea! Brought her into the vet last night because she has had 2 seizures this month (the vet's policy is to consider medication once the seizures reach about 3 a month. He also said that seizures beget seizures...the more you have, the more you WILL have and that this medication works very well to control/stop them). Right now her seizures are lasting close to 2.5 to 3 minutes. Which is fairly long. The other morning, my alarm went off - which is her cue to run to the bed to be picked up and bury herself under the sheets with Corn. The other morning, she was trying to get over to the bed but something seemed off. I turned the light on and saw that she was moving towards me but dragging her back half. Her hind legs were stiff and immobile. I picked her up and she peed and her eyes were glazed over. I am pretty certain it was the tail end of a seizure where she was half-lucid and coming out of it. A few minutes later, she was 100 % fine.

It's hard to watch, but I think it must be similar to when humans have seizures - they black out. I just don't like the thought of her knowing it's happening. I can always see it in her eyes when she's 'gone'- they are just very flat and unemotive. She is always fine on the other end, so I think it's not too psychologically damaging. I am also not keen on meds, period. I mean, if I don't have to take them, I won't. But if it helps stop the snowball of seizure activity for Flea, then that's a good thing. And apparently the side effects are very minimal (just some sleepiness for the first while). That's comforting too.

The last 3 weeks, I have noticed her shaking her head. I cleaned her ears and checked them for smelliness (eew) and residue. All fine. But the shaking continued. Then, I wondered if it was seizure-related, but it's actually yeast! Little bit of a sitch in the right ear. So, we left the vet yesterday with some ear-meds. Which are deeeelish, by the way. On another note - if you ever need an awesome vet clinic, check out the Animal Health Clinic on Sherbrooke and NDG. Dr. Seto and Dr. Gilmour are FAN-FRIGGIN'-TASTIC (and they have a great staff).

Anyhoo, that's all I gots for now. Everyone's good on this end, hope you and yours are too!


Anonymous said...

So sorry sweetie - I know it is so tough to see your pet suffer like that - you are a great mom !

Auntie Cherylitta

Doris & Dan said...

It is is tough when our fur babies are not in top shape. Hugs to you all!

Keep smilin!

Angry Gnome said...

Our family dog had seizures too and we ended up mutting him on meds for it - he was a deerhound/greyhound mix and I found that although his seizures had all but disappeared he was always a bit groggy.
Also, I too think that the Animal Health Clinic on Sherbrooke rocks! I highly recommend Dr. Foote.

Angry Gnome said...

I mean "putting him on meds". Whooops.

Maria said...

Poor Flea... I hope the little trooper starts feeling better soon.

Keep us all posted.

JB said...

Hope Flea didn't get the yeast infection from the Pillsbury Doughboy...and that everything's better in the canine world soon.

Our cat, Jag, is diabetic, and we have had a really rough ride with him. He's settled now, and aside from having lost a bit of weight and a little hair from his beautiful coat, he's doin' okay for an almost-12-year-old diabetic.
But the funny part is, the specialist vet we use is actually based in Montreal, and we do most of our correspondence with her from our home in Southern Ontario by email with updates, insulin levels, etc.
Montreal must just be one of those cities that's kinder to animals than most.

Ma Horton said...

When our pets suffer we do too.. I am sorry babycakes ..hug my grandhuahua for Ma .

Deborah said...

My little yorkie has the same thing as flea.

My vet said she would only put her on meds if she has 3-4 a month. A couple of months ago she had a big one but she came out of it finally. Her seizures last about 2-3 as well. I find most of the time it happens in the middle of the night. My vet says it's because she is in a "deep sleep". I feel right now that I can't medicate her because she is still too young and if I do put her on meds I think it will damage her little organs. My vet also told me that we would have to try different meds to see which one will be the right one to control her seizures.

I also get full blood work done for her once a year just to see if everything is ok.

It's really hard for me to see her go through her seizures. Believe me, I know how you feel.