Monday, October 30, 2006

The Many Faces of Me.

It's time I fessed up. I am actually a diminutive, cross-eyed bald man with mole-vision.

It's why I work in radio.

I know posting crap like this will come back to haunt me someday - but like the teenage kid who sneaks out her bedroom window at 2am to drink peach schnapps in her best friend's basement - I am throwing caution to the wind.

Also, this makes me laugh so friggin' hard, I just don't care that it might end up as the graphic beside the anchor on the evening news. Because you know anyone who willingly poses for a photo like this is bound to snap someday.

And just in case you're wondering...yes, that might be nosehair.

p.s. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Corn wakes up to this. Except I have a flashlight under my face. And a spooky halloween cassette playing in my tape recorder.


NgB (or is it?) said...

N@ (a.k.a. Larry "Bud" Melman):

What's a cassette? What's a tape recorder?

Happy Halloween, ya big geek!

21st Century Kid

Ma Horton said...

...and that my fiends is why she's my spawn .

Amazon Woman said...

Good to see Ma admitting that!

Looking good!

Keep smilin!

Amazon Woman said...

P.S. Happy Halloween to all fellow weenies!

Angry Gnome said...

You look fa-bu!

Honestly, I like the cut of you gib. Or you know, whatever that means.

John Mielke Photography said...

Time for a new feature on my little radio industry site...



Rick said...


Can’t say this is the face that I pictured when I hear you on the RAY-D-O. So then who’s the cute blond stunt double that steps in for you? ;)

kim said...

Are you wearing a speed-o in that picture too?

JB said...

Once you guys get married (just assuming, of course), this will act as a wonderfully inexpensive form of birth control.


Happy Halloween!

Twiggy said...

White rabbits white rabbits white rabbits.

Leftover bunnies from halloween...