Friday, September 08, 2006

Field Trip

Right now, I'm squinting red-eyed at this screen and my eyes feel like I've partied til 4am in a smokey bar. But I haven't - I'm all allergyface. The last 3 weeks, it's been driving me nuts. I've been taking Reactine and that helps...but in between that - UGH! Soooo annoying! Yeah, there are worse things in life and soon the ragweed will takes it's spindly ass somewhere else...but it's still aggravating. Never really HAD noticeable allergies to the outside before. It might be because our balcony is practically nestled right inside a tree. No kidding - we're right in front of a giant tree - you can reach out and touch the branches. It's purdy to look at, but I'm guessing it might be the reason for the sneezin'. By noon, I might realistically consider scratching my eyes with a fork.

On another note: there is a street fest goin' down in my hood this weekend. Check it out if you're in NDG...The Monkland Street Festival. Last night, me and Corn walked around outside. We left Chachi at home with a bone (pardon?) and I tucked Flea in her little bag and out we went. When Flea is on the ground, surrounded by lots of people and sounds and animals, she gets, being in the bag is her little safety zone (and regardles of how Paris-y you might think I am being - she LOVES it in there!). When Flea's in that thing, she tries to be even MORE inconspicuous. She won't even look at stuff. She hangs her head down and stares at her feet. I'm not here. If I can't see you, you can't see me!
Friends of ours live in the hood and just adopted a great dog from Rosie's Animal Adoption. She's a 5 year old lab named Mica and we went to meet her.

On the way home, the crowd on Monkland was mostly dispersed, so I put Flea on the ground to walk and SHE WAS IN HER GLORY! The smell of food vendors was overwhelming...she trotted around running from one food smell to another and even ran up to some lady sitting on the curb, eating a sandwich. Flea started licking the lady's fingers (I wanted to tell the lady that Flea eats her own poop) and refused to budge when I started to pull her away. I pulled the leash and Flea pleaded with me wide-eyed...Come onnnn...can't you see what's about to happen here? She fought against coming with me as hard as her 4lb body would allow. I won.

Anyhoo, that story has no fabulous kicker or punch line....but whatever, good times.

Have a fab weekend, fartsies.


Canadian Gal said...

Poor Nat,I totally understand. Have you tried talking to your doctor about it? I am currently taking Rhinocort AQ (it's a nose spray) you take it once or twice a day and it prevents your nose from going wild. It can be taken all year round or 2-3 weeks before allergy season. Give it a shot, it's worth it :)

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey..sorry for the delay here!
Actually, I was using NASONEX for a while..but found the side effects not worth the relief. I am actually finding my allergies on the downslide now, which is good news for me and my sinuses!

How'd you find me, btw??