Sunday, September 10, 2006

Boob on the tube

I'm a bit under the weather - ugh! So, I spent most of the day yesterday alternating sleep and TV time. I watched a bunch of shows on TLC, then figured I might as well get all hygenic on yer arse and have a shower. I ended up leaving the TV on, and when I stepped back into the living room I glanced over and thought, "Hey, that girl kinda looks like me". Then I did a double-take - "Hey wait! It IS me!"

Our Trading Spaces episode, which aired last September, played in a re-run yesterday afternoon. HEH. Surreal to the max. And as I sat back down on the couch to flip around I noticed that the show NEAT was on HGTV. Just so happened to be the show that starred my friend Michal! Or as you all know her, Dinkster. Me and my homies were all over home decorating television yesterday afternoon.

Corn and I went to a poopload of open houses today. We are in the very beginning phase of looking to buy stuff - we haven't even met w/ the bank or anything. But...hopefully we will this week. We saw 2 places today that were FAB and within our budget (presumably!). It's fun to look. Maybe after the 143rd place it won't be...but for now - eez okay.


Maria said...

I want to see the Trading Spaces episode and haven't seen it yet. Nat, do you have a copy?

I am back to work today after a month off and seems too damn weird.
Nat thanks for the warm wishes.

Amazon Woman said...

I too was feeling sicky poo (hey...dat rhymes!)

I watched booby tubey but missed seeing your epi. Nevermind, I have it on PVR saved and protected.

Keep smilin!

P.S. Tanks for the Bella news!

Amazon Woman said...

P.P.S. Good luck with house hunting. Come...join the dark side..owe all your life to the bank...It is fun!

P.P.P.S. Home from vacances. Passed through Hamilton...want we call the Vortex of Sin and Degradation. Also known as the Sphincter of Southwestern Ontario. insult intended it is a family joke that I had to share here!

Twiggy said...

urrgh!! i can't believe i missed it AGAIN! grrr. and i was watching TLC that day and everything. sheech.