Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bon Nat Bad Nat

I think I have a crush on Patrick Huard.

It's okay though, because I feel nothing for him outside of the movie Bon Cop, Bad Cop.

I don't even find him hot outside of that role. I TRIED to. But alas, his hottness to me exists only for 145 minutes on celluloid. So I guess I don't have a crush on Patrick Huard. I have a crush on the fictional character he plays in the movie. And we know that is a dead end road, indeed.

(Hey, as a sidenote - a scene in the movie takes place at SPURS on St. Jacques! Where I spent my 30th birthday getting hammytime and linedancing with strangers!)

I was wondering if that was weird - having a crush on a ROLE - but then I remembered that a friend of mine had a crush on Aladdin - the CARTOON version. Now that has therapy written all over it.

And at the end of the day, my biggest crush is on Corn...who is three-dimensional and doesn't come with a ten dollar viewing fee.

So, it's all good.


Twiggy said...

Oh good..I'm not the only one.
"Lucky dog"

My favourite movie this summer. Go out and see it! It's actually still in theatres, even in Toronto. Also, everyone who has seen it tells me that it's a lot better than they thought it would be. ie. it's surprisingly good. It's also going to a be my case study for my masters (which i'm doing on Qc and Canadian film marketing). The better it does, the stronger my case study (hint hint).

anyways...I heart David Bouchard. But I also heart Martin Ward. haha.

enough rambling. back to my reading...

JB said...

I used to have a thing for Betty (who hung out with Veronica) from the Archie COMIC. Yes, the two-dimensional sometimes-the-ink-was-outside-the-lines-because-of-mass-production COMIC version of Betty.

I was hot for her.

I was also about 7 years old, however.

I never fell for the TV animated cartoon version of Betty, because by the time Archie was turned into televised animation, I had moved on.