Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Random Diary Entries!

Amazon Woman! You requested April 8th, 1985. Here is my diary entry:

I just read a good book its called Harriet The Spy It was good. I'm 9 years old and in grade 4 and I'm watching Mr. Dressup.

Christine is my very best friend and we play together all the time. It is April the 8th we are bringing Honey and Snowball (dog and cat), Gilligan and Yellow Belly (turtles) to the vet to see if they're not sick. My sister Dawn gave me this book. Its nice eh? EH? (HEE! HEE!)

Christine gave me this marker it smells like chocolate. It smells a bit yucky but it smells better when you smell the marker. You can see through this page HO! HO! HO!



Maria said...

My italian brother-in-law and his wife from Italy along with their 9 year old son are coming in from Italy this afternoon. I better brush up on my italian cause the sis in law doesn't speak any english. Not only that but my kids speak very little italian and their cousin (their son) speaks ONLY italian.

So just curious do any Natlanders out there have relatives who speak a different language from them and how do they deal with it? Lucky my italian is not so bad.

JB said...

Nat, is Christine still in your life to any degree?
Wow, chocolate-smelling markers. If I'd been given one of those, I probably would have been dead from ink poisoning before I got to 10.

...and Maria, all my wife's side of the family is Danish, and I don't speak a word of it. Okay, I speak about three words if it, but that wouldn't get me by in a conversation. (although those three words are "I love you", so who knows where they could get me?)

JB said...

Nat, do you have any diary entries from June 2nd, any year?

Maria said...

I want the diary entry from July 25, 1992 cause that was the day I was married with my honey. So Nat what were you doing around that time?

Wow JB all you know is "I love you" that could get you in a heap of trouble if you start saying it to anyone other than your wife.

Well, I am off now to see the in-laws wish me luck guys!

Ciao Amore! (wink! wink!)

Amazon Woman said...

My half sister speaks german (live in Germany) with a little english. Her hubby - ditto. My nephew..Nein english!

Hubby - Eng & Frnch. Therefore there is a lot of gesturing and enunciating!

Keep smilin!

Doris & Dan said...

oops...Thx for the entry Nat! Gotta say, life as a youngster, not that enthralling when you read back. I include myself but I do not have a diary to check.

Might have been a slow day in Lauzon household. Still very cool to have that reference book!

Keep smilin!

Amazon Woman said...

Oops again...that was me!

Keep smilin!

dinky said...

wait - diary..? am i in this thing? i better be!! pphhfftttt -
if not, our friendship is over!