Monday, July 31, 2006

Flea and her pee and the big VEE EE TEE.

Just a quickie. I know those of you who've never had a pet probably won't 'get' this - but I also know there's a lot of you out there who DO!

Flea's pee/drinking habits have been 'off' as of late. Actually, the last 3 weeks or so. Because she's had UTI's in the past, I thought I'd keep an eye on it. But because it was so hot - I suspected that might be the cause for increasing her water intake and therefore she'd be peeing more often.

I just suspected something was wrong, so I brought a urine sample in (hers, not mine!) to be tested. Actually, Corn brought it in. God love him, he puts the PEE in U.P.S!

Turns out she has what are called: bilirubin crystals in her urine and the vet wants to do bloodwork. This was told to me by the vet tech, so I didn't get to speak with the man himself to ask him what this could possibly mean. I got off the phone and did exactly what you SHOULD do when you're a bit freaked out: GO TO GOOGLE, BABY!

Well, I found out that bilirubin crystals are related to liver function. And can indicate a whole garbage bag of afflictions: liver disease, gallbladder disease, gallstones, cancer....or just the simple ingestion of a toxin. And, I'm sure OTHER stuff. Then of course, you look up the various symptoms and mentally check them off in your head: lethargy (sure), bloat (she's kinda fat?), seizures (yes!), constipation (bingo!).

SIGH. So, we go for bloodwork tomorrow (and a handy dandy anal gland expression while we're at it). Wish us luck. Happy thoughts for the Fleabag, the sweetest, gentlest dog you ever did see.


Maria said...

Only good vibes for your little fleabag!

I used to have pets when I was a kid, but seeing as I come from a greek family (and I say greek because we are just different) we never had a cat or a dog (ON NO!) not like my normal "english" friends we had chickens (yes you read it right "chickens"). I suppose my mother thought they were low maintenance animals. Chickens don't need to be walked, brushed or fed twice a day. Hey we all love our dogs, cats, fish and hamsters, but honestly how many of them produce something would want to eat? Unless Chachi's poop sandwiches count??lol In addition, my mother had a huge garden so we used to let the chickens roam free. Chicken poop makes great fertilizer. Did you know that? Plus, we didn't need to spend all that money on pet food chickens eat all those unwanted leftovers, except for my chickens of course they would NEVER eat spaghetti without meat sauce and they would even eat meat - actually they loved chicken! lol

The above story is 100% true I even have a picture of me when I was about 10 years old with my pet chicken (Kira Koko) on the handlebars of my bike I had driven her around the block on my bike in my very residential neighborhood! Oh God the good ole days!

Rick said...

Hey Nat,

Hoping all goes well with the tests, and that there’s nothing wrong with Flea. Its hard when the fur balls close to our hearts aren’t doing well. Shakespeare (My K9) was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia when he was a year old, we didn’t take the news well, but with treatment he’s living a rich (and spoiled) life. Positive thoughts to Flea

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat!

Just wanted to let you know about this cool site for dogs I came across. It's called

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Anonymous said...

N@, All the best for Flea, I know what it is like to have an under the weather pet. Mine was Elmo, a big fluffy cat who loved to be loved. I hope all goes well and expect Flea updates soon...

Amazon Woman said...

Sending good puppy pee vibes!

And anal expression is not one I can conjure up. What must one feel to be able to express that?

Let us know. We turn into raving worried lunatics when our furry babies are sick. At least I do!

Keep smilin!

dee said...

I am a Dog Groomer so must comment. Anal expression that is sooooo good.....I have heard of Being Anal and Anal Retentive.....imagine Anal expressive, what a relief that might be for those of us dealing with the other !
Of course in moderation or as long as it did not become verbal diahrea or potty mouth.

Good Luck with your puppy !