Thursday, July 06, 2006

Have a Heart

As an animal lover, I am so saddened that Quebec's laws concerning puppy mills are lax. Quebec has something like 10 animal inspectors compared to 200 in Ontario (not to mention stiffer penalties). There are HUNDREDS of facilities like this operating out of this province alone. If a 'backyard breeder' is charged under Quebec law, they usually get a fine at best and can go right back out and do it all over again. Nothing prohibits them from owning or breeding animals again. Animal protection laws in this province are severely lacking. It kills me because Flea came from an operation like this - I'll never know if she was physically abused or starved - but I believe keeping a dog in a cage her whole life (no toys, no socialization, parasites and not house-trained) for the sole purpose of having puppies and making money is cruelty enough. So - stories like this really get my blood boiling. Flea has turned into the loveliest, gentlest little dog, and these dogs have that same potential.

You may remember last month, a man running a husky dog breeding facility was found
with 26 starving animals on his property. One adult dog was dead on the end of it's chain with a dead puppy nearby. The man who found these dogs - Guy Racicot - is a neighbour of the breeder, (who also owns a kennel). He came by to pick up some stuff he had stored on the premises and saw the shape these animals were in. He convinced the man to let him have the remaining animals - so he could save them from certain death. 2 died soon after he brought them home.

But now, the others are improving, slowly but surely. And now, the man who SAVED these dogs may not be able to keep them. See - he has 80 dogs of his own. Now, he has 104. And the court has to decide if HE should have them or if they should go to the SPCA.

The thing about the SPCA is this: god love them for the good they do for animals. But their volunteers are lacking and their funding is lacking and NOW post-Moving Day in Montreal, they are getting about 50 animals EVERY DAY from people who no longer want them.

Guy Racicot - the good samaritan - who SAVED these animals doesn't want to see them go to the SPCA because these dogs are "special needs". They need LOTS of training and TLC at this point and the SPCA cannot provide this for so many animals. Maybe HE can't either - but there is one difference; with Guy, they will not be euthanized.

For all they've been through, these dogs deserve a fighting chance.

Anyone who wants to offer donations can contact Guy Racicot, in Saint-Jean-de-Matha, at (450) 886-2079. Here is the source for that number.

Just to give you an ideal of how prevalent these puppy mills are, Rosie's Animal Adoption is fostering this poor little guy right now. You can read his story here.

Also, I received an e-mail tonight from a woman trying to raise money for Guy's cause. I must preface this by saying, I have not heard of "Falcon International" before tonight and would caution that you contact Mr. Racicot first for more info about the organization. Somehow, I would guess it's all on the up and up...But I figured posting it wouldn't hurt either. That e-mail is copied below:

The situation has deteriorated horrible this week with a judgment passed against the rescuers. The owner, who has yet to face any charges for the deaths of 19 dogs, out of spite has refused to sell the dogs to Eric Lefrancois & Guy Racicot, who have brought the 26 surviving dogs back from the brink of death and un-imaginable pain. The Owner has made arrangements with the SPCA to complete the turn over on Monday, July 10th, 2006.

The SPCA, who are already facing the summer onslaught of caring for the hundred of animals abandoned due to an early breeding season and Quebec’s traditional moving day, has already launched press releases that could be heard on the radio and on TV about their need for volunteers due to a lack of space and funding prior to today’s update. When this horror was first brought to light, the SPCA refused to assist.

This has become political because of the international attention & donations received by the two rescuers and it has put the SPCA in a bad light for inaction.

We want to know how the Laws can be changed to care and defend creatures that have no voice.

The rescuers have devoted time and energy and with the help of my company have already taking the necessary steps to try and build the appropriate facilities to needed to care all of the dogs. We at Falcon International have personal seen the dramatic improvement over the last three weeks of these silent friends.

Please help us change their future.

Audrey Ann Maxwell, Airfreight Coordinator on behalf of Falcon International
Office #: 514-633-9201 and After-hours 514-889-6759


Maria said...

I have heard of Falcon International I work in Dorval. That does not mean that I know them personally just that I have heard of them.

Its too bad what all these animals are going through they are still a living and breathing soul. I don't have any pets at home right now (unless a husband and 2 kids count?) but I did have 1 chicken and 4 roosters as pets when I was a child. OK STOP LAUGHING! I am greek and greek people can not have normal pets like dogs, cats or even canary's we have to be freakin' different!

Anonymous said...

As a friend of the guy who found the dogs, I would like to thank Falcon International for all the help that they provided. It disgusts me that the laws in Quebec allow this sort of treatment to animals that are not able to defend themselves, or speak up. What we need to do is get these laws changed. There is NO suitable punishment for the abusive treatment these animals must endure in the hand of people who just don't care. From the first time that I saw these dogs to the last time, there was a vast improvement you could see it in their eyes, they looked happy.
I find it funny that the SPCA (Bernotti) can be asking for the help of volunteers to take in some of the animals in their care, as there is no room, and then take 24 and say that it is best for them. These dogs have spent their whole lives in the country living outside. Not only will it be traumatic for these dogs to be moved once again, but living in the city will be yet another trauma. They have learned to trust Guy, Eric, and Karine to feed them, water them, and clean up after them.... not to mention give them affection. These dogs are unique and have special needs that the SPCA who is inexperienced with the sled dog, cannot meet. I only hope that this story does not go forgotten, I hope that the pain and suffering that these dogs have endured can help to make a MUCH needed change in the animal rights laws.