Thursday, April 14, 2011

RIP Natterings

Just an FYI that I recently made the decision to stop writing my "Natterings" column for The Monitor/Chronicle and Westmount Examiner. I LOVED it - it was such an amazing opportunity to have had for the past 2 years or so. Hopefully, I can archive my pieces here - going to be re-vamping this place soon. Why? This kid just has too much on the go at the moment (other voicework and specifically my new passion . I was finding it hard to find the time and didn't want to anything half-assed just for the sake of churning something out. That's no fun now, is it? So - thanks to all of you who have read me in print - and to Toula and the entire crew at Transcontinental for giving me that first chance. I'm so appreciative and had so much fun. Maybe I'll be back at it in the future - if you'll have me.


Shahana said...

Wish you good luck.

Rachel said...

Okay. Sorry. I just have a bad thing with bad words. Swear words.
p.s. i heart bunnies, too.

Claire said...

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