Monday, May 03, 2010

Casey feels like a puppy for the first time!

On the weekend, Casey was supposed to go home and then spiked a fever, so she had to stay overnight at the DMV again.

But today, Kristina - Casey's foster mom called me with an update. Casey went home! And all I heard in the background was a big, whiney, excitable ruckus! Apparently, Casey is THRILLED TO BITS to be back 'home'. She was running and trying to play with her other doggie friends. She is finally - after so long - being the puppy she was meant to be!! Such a change from the sad, listless pug puppy we all knew before the operation. It is night and day.

Her foster mom will have to do her best to keep her from popping those stitches. She now has to deal with a puppy that can't stop being a puppy! Pretty great problem to have, we think!!!

The facts:

She's gained about 2lbs since before her surgery (no more ribs!)

She is on a much lesser medication dosage (a good sign that blood is flowing through her liver).

There are people who want to adopt her (you better believe this interview process will be thorough!)

Her first post-op checkup is next Wednesday.

Can't thank the incredible staff at the DMV more (and in particular, a tech named Virginie). Casey is even their screensaver at reception right now!

Everyone - you made this happen!!! THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

More to come....

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