Monday, March 29, 2010

Itchin' for another Kitchen

So - at last, some kitchen pics. And I must admit that after seeing the kitchen in photos vs what it looks like NOW - I'm partial to voting for the old backsplash. I have hated my kitchen ever since we moved in. Ready, set - JUDGE!!

Gold and brown tile backsplash, mismatched range hood, horrible space-age cupboards (with light coloured surrounding base) and space age plastic handles (The stain on the tea towel is from where I sneezed. I sneezed downward, while watching my imaginary Pillsbury Crescent Rolls rise.)

I decided - possibly to dire consequences, to PAINT our backsplash. PAINT. It. No, I didn't know you could either. But you know what? We are NOT handy people. And if we can get around NOT being handy in lieu of being cheap, sneaky bastards - we will. So, Google told me I could paint my tile and I believed it. Apparently this stuff is a kick-ass ceramic tile primer:

So, I cleaned the tile then I did two coats of that stuff. Then I sanded the last coat. Then I dusted off the sand. Then I looked at my watch and said, 'Holy sh*tballs, this is SO NOT A WEEKEND PROJECT!".

Here are things in the midst of priming:

So, today I rolled over the primer with an oil-based white paint. You have to use oil because it sticks better. And guess what else? It smells awesome, is stellar for the environment and takes 30 trillion hours to dry. It is also super easy to wash off your chihuahua, should you accidentally paint him. Tomorrow, I'll do the second coat. Because, uh - WHY DOES MY WHITE BACKSPLASH LOOK GRAY?

I don't care. Shut up. I still like it better. After the second coat of paint and it's delightfully abundant drying time, I will urethane to seal and gloss it. Then, cupboards. I am thinking these.

Incidentally, this entire process is also how Christina Aguilera puts on her makeup.


Misster Kitty said...

Paint the backsplash PINK and I'm on board!

Meaghan said...

Hmm, hard to say when it's not done! But the new cupboards (vereh naiiiice) might have been a little clashy with the old backsplash?... and i love your little hangy sponge basket!

Santiago said...

Any new pics???