Thursday, March 11, 2010

Facebook Made Me Do It (and the debbil)

Oh ballsack...FINE YOU GUYS!

Okay - I'm back. Only took the persuading of 2 comments, really...oh, and the inferno of guilt that was swallowing my conscience. Is that all?

Wanna hear something sad? Sometimes I come to my own blog to see if there's anything new.

Meaghan - you're right. I am SUCH AN ASSHOLE! (I read between the lines). I am indeed that jerk who once refused to join Facebook because I had this blog, where I was once a half-attentive blogger. But then Facebook showed me something shiny and poked me a little and gave me a fake farm, and I lingered over there. Bad me. It made me feel icky that you actually cited a little history there to make your point. Because it means that at some point something I said stuck to someone's brain pieces. And I shouldn't take that for granted.

Maybe I should start a little experiment. And commit to blogging here regularly instead of coddling the ol' FB every damn second of every damn day. And see how many Facebookers actually come here instead. Do I have the powah? Not bloody likely - but maybe I'll try. But only if a few of YOU slackers promise to post regularly too. Heh. That's right! You're goin' down with me, poopfaces!

For the record that previous "back in 5 " post? I was working on a possible cool something or other thing in my life. Something non-radio, non-media and a PANTLOAD of good times. It didn't work out. But things that don't work out are usually very valuable learning experiences. Also, sometimes things that don't work out are fat. But - this was the former. So - yay all 'round!

Now, a photo of a pathetic winter-loathing dog who just remembered about the big food machine on the deck.

Perving up the leather trenchcoat

'Where's my Snuggie?"


Ma Horton said...

Does this mean I have to come back too ?

N@ Lauzon said...

YES. I'm taking a FB break. It's all funneling here baby! Check out the link I just posted!

T said...

I am glad to see you back! And Ma...git r done!

Misster Kitty said...


Cindy said...

Are you pointing the finger at me for not commenting? :D

Aw what a cute dog Nat.

Meaghan said...

muuahahahahhaaaa YESSSSS.
and you're not an asshole, just a sleepy blogger.

JB said...

Mark Zuckerberg is 25, and the youngest billionaire in the world. Betcha nobody nags HIM about spending too much time on Facebook. ;-)