Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yup Yup

I'm really gonna have to rent Dirty Dancing and Ghost again. I saw them both back in their theatre days, but, I guess like with any celebrity passing - their works experience a posthumous resurgence in popularity. Sigh. Poor Patrick Swayze. He was married to his wife for 34 years. 34! They were so deeply in love it was palpable even to those of us on the very fringes. A guy like that - a love like that - a life and career like that? Makes you wonder why the good guys gotta go sometimes.

I've been sick the past week - and today, is the first day I really noticed I was turning a corner in the war on phlegm. :) Although, I have been waking up at like 5am each morning honking up internal organs. The cough meds seem to last me alllll night and wear off at like 5. And 5 is a gross time to be awake. Even the dogs stare at me from their bed going, "Seriously? Are you freakin' for real lady?!" Feeling much better (though, I sound a bit gravelly). Which means, me and Corn are gonna be good and rested for Kings of Leon tomorrow night!

Kings of Leon are my new favourite band and new my boyfriends even though I only know like 3 songs and I don't know what they look like either. Yup. That's how airheaded and fairweather a groupie I am. I fell in love with one song and thus, fell in love with the entire band. I kinda wish I knew more music, heading into the concert tomorrow - but whatever. I'll fake it.


Misster Kitty said...

How were they? Vero (Santi's Portrait artist) was there last night... Hope you likeied long time!

Maria said...

At least you know at least 1 song!!

I went to see the Jonas Brothers (yeah, I know ... my daughter @ 9 seems to think she is in LOVE with Nick) and I did not know 1 freakin' song... not 1.

I was all psyched because I was looking forward to seeing Jordan Sparks who's songs I do know and then she bows out!! they replaced her with people I have NEVER heard of. That was 3 hours of torture, that I also had to pay $4.50 for a freakin' small bottle of ESKA water. Best part of the show was the time I got to leave and had the opportunity to spend an additional $40 on a t-shirt, $25 on a program and $10 for a jesus - be-jesus MADE IN CHINA glow stick!! I should have poked myself in the eye with it!