Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Puppy Mill dogs and puppies for adoption - STAT!

Happy to tell you that quite a few dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in Quebec recently and they are looking for loving homes! These are all small breed dogs - and a lot of puppies - many that were born at the SPCA Emergency Shelter.

I have met all of these dogs myself, and let me tell you, there are some real sweetie pies over there (when you see a week-old puppy how can you not get all squishy??) ! What I have learned time and time again in the wake of these rescues is that puppy mill dogs are not 'used goods'. They are just looking for love, patience and understanding - like all of us! In fact, some of the best dogs I have ever met - with the sweetest temperaments - have been rescues. I only wish everyone was in on this well-kept secret.

If you are interested, or know someone looking for a new family member please consider adoption FIRST!

To meet a pooch, you can drop by the SPCA Emergency Shelter at 7314 Mountain Sights (metro Namur). Weekdays 12-8pm and Weekends from 11-5pm. There are about 11 adults and about 15 or so puppies.

You will be strictly screened and asked a lot of questions...and believe me...that's a good thing!! We want to match these animals with the perfect forever homes. After the horrors they have been through, they deserve it.

Thanks for reading - and please pass this along!


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