Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coughie at the Movies

I finally went to see The Hangover yesterday! Oh, how I laughed and laughed. I recommend it! Also, I never really understood the whole Bradley Cooper yumminess....but now, oh now, I do. Something about a disheveled, bloody-lipped, dirty-faced, gritty-haired guy driving a beat-up car in the desert. And here you fellahs were actually practicing proper hygiene.

One thing though - that powder shit that you can put on your $15 popcorn at the movies to enhance your popcorn-consuming experience? I think I'm starting to hate it. Seems to me for some reason I used to be able to eat that stuff. Now, I can't eat a piece of popcorn without that flavoured dust getting swept into my sinuses. Yesterday, I keep breathing it in with every popcorn handful. Then coughing on the heads of the lovely couple sitting in front of me.

And the chick who's head I was coughing on? She had the magic fairy dust on her popcorn too and SHE was coughing. WTF? Maybe I should have looked more carefully at the flavours on the dispenser: White Cheese, Dill Pickle, Ketchup and Anthrax.

I was adding my own soundtrack, just like the ad before the movie tells me not to do.


Newsguy Bob said...

That powder crap is supposed to be used like make-up, sparingly, to enhance the beauty/flavour. You're not supposed to empty the entire shaker into your 15-dollar popcorn, ya dork!
Plus, it's loaded with sodium, and that ain't good fer ya, neither.
Right, Ma?

Ma Horton said...

Right Uncle Bobby .. I personally like my popcorn the old fashioned way popped with salt and a tad of REAL BUTTER!