Thursday, July 30, 2009


I was walking my dog down the street and stopped to let Flea roll on a dead earthworm (hey, we've all got our things).

Moments later, when I took a step forward my face was eye level with a tiny silkworm, danging all Chris Angel-y from an invisible thread tethered to a far-up branch. I stopped suddenly avoiding collision and got a bit grossed out thinking how it almost ended on my face, in my mouth, whatever.

But then I wondered what that musta been like from the silkworm's perspective. As grossed out as I was, HE was the one staring at my big fat face with my big bad morning breath swaying him back and forth on his little buttfloss. (I wonder if bugs have Darwin Awards for stupid ways of dying.)

Anyway, we both came away unscathed. And I left him to his work. Which actually makes me wonder - how come I never see a silkworm working on some silk pajamas or bedsheets? It's always that one single thread. Like they're all, "Look at me! I'm a SILKWORM! I make silk!" WELL THEN MAKE SOMETHING ALREADY WOULD YA, BIG TALKER?!!

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Misster Kitty said...

Fyi ... I have leopard print silk boxers ...

Ok word verif is effin spooky! ... "outran"