Saturday, May 23, 2009

In The Drink

I won't fill your head with lies - there are perks in radio. Normally the perks involve free CD's by people you've never heard of, and oversized promotional movie t-shirts that you will only ever wear while painting or going to bed - but yes - the perks exist.

Like this one for instance:

Coming in to work to find a 6 pack of the new Bud Light Lime beer - with YOUR name on it! On a FRIDAY no less!
And let me tell ya - 2 effin' thumbs way the hell up. Tastes like Corona - but limey. And light!

Comes out in Canada on Monday.

This plus mojitos equals an effin' good summer, I'll tell you what.


Misster Kitty said...

It's out now... We was at a bbq today and someone had a sixer... It's not bad at all!

3D said...
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Newsguy Bob said...

Those T-shirts are always oversized. Sometimes you cross your fingers, hoping they're XL, so they fit over your middle-aged gut, and by "you" and "your", I mean "I" and "my".

It's all perspective, I guess, you scrawny little gnat.

And beer with lime already added just removes the added step into what makes Corona special. Me likey Corona, will have to try Bud Light Lime. My brother-in-law is somewhat of a beer connoisseur, so I'll have to treat him to a six-pack.

Newsguy Bob said...

Of course, that should say NOT always oversized.

VW: tonessed, as in I joined the gym and tonessed my middle-aged gut.

Ma Horton said...

I don't drink beer and even I want some limey BL and that is no BS.

Angry Gnome said...

Nice perk. The only lime stuff we have in the lab are tests for lyme disease. Good times.
Enjoy your free beer.