Saturday, February 07, 2009

What's In A Name?

Keep forgetting to tell you that Chachi/Reggie/Farnsworth/Arty has even MORE names now.

In addition to these.

The latest names are: Sweaty, Sweaty Bean, Bean Box, Sweaty BoomBetty (or just BoomBetty for short) and Arthur Beansworth.

Right now he responds well to Sweaty. The other ones will have to grow on him.

I am CERTAIN this can't be good to do to a dog...BUT WE CAN'T HELP IT!!! Reggie Farnsworth is an asshole. And thus, brings this rotating cycle of names upon hisself. Uh, mostly.

And now you're in the know. RIGHT SWEATINALD?

Eff off, I'm busy lickin' dirty sheets.


Misster Kitty said...

Gummsie Mallone!

Santiago is starting to go down that road with me although not nearly as creatively.. Mr StinkyPants, PoopyBum and Senor Stinky... all steming from the molé weekend a coupla weeks back.

I'm sure ther will be more... oh yea... "Ya dirty wee bastard' but that's no so much a nicname as me vocalizing my disgust at peeing 3 inches from the litter box.

btw Santiago is STOKED for puppy play date on the Ides.

Newsguy Bob said...

I call Coffee by all kinds of names, seldom her own. Mostly I call her Sweetie, but there are dozens, that just kind of find their way from a dark spot in my brain, off my tongue and into the air.
And as sweet, lovable and loving as she is, she also displays the customary feline arrogance, and doesn't respond to any of them.
What she DOES respond to, however, is the sound of kitty kibble hitting her stainless steel bowl. Does that make her a catfood slut?

Ma Horton said...

Actually I think I am a cat food slut.

Santiago said...

Hola amigos... cant wait to come and play with yous...