Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A thing I wrote.

Gotta give you a birthday update - comin' soon, okay?


Misster Kitty said...

I'm so witchu on the fish in the Microwave issue. Fortunately it's not a common issue here where I work, even though the vast majority of us brown bag it (there's about 25 or so of us here).

What we do have here is a person who shall remain nameless... MARIA C. HA! there I've called her out! (suck it!) She's a colossal fan of the Gym Socks, er, I mean Gorgonzola Cheese... Look I'm a fan of the whole blue cheese family, but Eat it cold (or room temperature) and with crackers and a nice red wine, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put it in or on ANY food you must heat in the microwave... This sin is akin to atrocities involving mustard, sarin and other noxious, deadly gases. Microwaved Gorgonzola cheese smell has the half life of the sun, and is about as powerful too.

So yea, I agree with your list containing Fish, but it simply cannot end there. Trust me, Microwaved Gorgonzola... BAAAAAAAAAAD.

and fyi Word verification: rendes... as in the smell of heated gorgonzola rends you hard of smelling

Maria said...

Have you ever had the joy of smelling boiled chicken feet heated in the microwave? Yes, you heard right folks CHICKEN FEET! Chinese delicacy I suppose nut it smells worse than some farts.

Maria said...

nut should be *but

N@ Lauzon said...

Maria! Sunwing airlines..can you give me any kind of skinny on them? Booking a, I can have a direct flight from MTL. Otherwise, it's go to T.O. so I can fly Signature..

Maria said...

Sunwing is a small charter. They are OK as long as they don't go belly-up like Zoom did and they can get you from Point A to Point B safely. No one really knows what can happen with airlines but from what I have heard they are fine and they have decent rates.

Fly Air Canada would ya. We offer friends and family rates through Air Canada Vacations, all you would have to do is call up the employee travel center and provide them with the employee number sometimes you can get some great rates during low season. When are you planning on flying and are you looking for a specific sun destination? If your interested send me an e-mail. I'd be glad to help.

Newsguy Bob said...

Maybe it's just my own deja-vu, but I seem to recall having the stinky food in the office microwave discussion before.

A tidbit of common sense etiquette is that no matter what you heat in said oven, leave the door open when you're done. Even the best smelling food can gag a moose, after festering in an airtight metal box for ten or 15 minutes.

Oh, wait, I said common sense etiquette. Common sense ain't so common anymore.

Maria, hon, my little baklava, next time I'm booking a vaykay, I'll be calling on ya. It won't be for a while, cuz Little Bro Dan's wedding in Jamaica is my next planned trip, and I've signed on with the group for that, through itravel2000 .

Verification word: malner, as in malnerished.

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey Maria...Mexico in January. But we're gonna do Sunwing. Reason being: a few in our party are leaving from Toronto (with Signature) - and the only direct flights from MTL at the same time are with Sunwing.

I'm not really keen on the idea of flying to Toronto, spending $ on a hotel overnight, so we can fly together. Then flying back thru T.O. on the way back. Rather just have a direct flight, y'know?

So..Sunwing it is! :) Thank youuuuuu!!!

Maria said...

I hope its Riviera Maya!! I love it there. Say hello to Jose for me. He works at the Gran Bahia Principe, Coba. HEH!

Well, have fun, Mexico is so beau-ti-ful!

Word Verification: perme

I used to have a perm in high school --- that was a long time ago.

Maria said...

NGB: Jamaica is very nice as well. Maybe sure to go to Dunn's River Falls, its such a hoot watching everyone trying to climb the falls.