Friday, August 15, 2008

New Column

Is now in print in The Monitor and online!

(p.s. I've been on holidays this week and my sis is here w/ her friend so we've been hangin' out and keepin' busy! Yesterday, we did THIS. Tell ya all about it soon...)


Maria said...

Oh I loved that column and I too heard it was going to be a LOOOOONG HOT summer.

I am just happy I went to Europe this year and had 3 solid weeks of 37 degree weather.

Montreal weather is so unpredictable. I should have saved the $$ I spent for a new patio set this year because I can count on one hand how many times we have used it.

John Mielke Photography said...

I do hope the print edition credits you by printing your name... the on-line edition doesn't. :(

Maria said...

Hey Nat,

Remember that gal Nadia you located for me last year when you played my High School Reunion songs and I dedicated 1 song to her? I had lost touch with her after Cegep, well her and I finally got together twice last week. Once for ice cream on the Friday night and and another time for brunch at Portovino's 2 days later. It was AMAZING. I even have pictures to prove it. She has two wonderful little boys and her kids got along amazingly with mine, kinda like her and I used to get along so well and we still do...

Thanks so much, I OWE ya BIG TIME!

I will be arranging an end of season BBQ at my place in Sept and she will be there with her family. THANKS!!