Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Morning Grr.

Hey fellow cyclists!

When you come to a 4 WAY STOP WITH CARS.
You follow the same rules as if you were a car at a 4 way stop.
I was behind a pack of about 6 cyclists - who all blew through a 4 way stop sign, leaving the motorist, who's rightful turn it was, obviously ticked.

I stopped. And let him take his turn through the intersection.



JB said...

I almost pancaked a cyclist about a month ago. I'd just dropped the twins off at daycare, and was turning left onto a one-way street. At the last second before I turned, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cyclist barreling toward me, travelling in the WRONG DIRECTION down the one way street. As he passed in front of me, I shook my head, and pointed to the 'one way' sign, but he didn't look to see it, nor did he care. He just did that two-fingers-to-eyes thing, and pointed at ME, as if I had done something wrong! It was then that I REALLY wanted to run him over. I hate idiots. Hate 'em.

Newsguy Bob said...

About a month ago on a Sunday morning, I was parking in front of the Market Media Mall (metered parking is free on Sundays in Ottawa, dontcha know). As I started backing into the space, a bonehead on a bike -- no helmet either -- came out from between the curb and the car in the spot behind the one I was getting into. I almost smucked him, too. And it would have been MY fault, right?

Ladybug said...

As an avid cyclist, I admit to "blowing through" a stop sign or two. But ONLY if there are no cars around. Otherwise I always stop and obey the same laws as the motorists.

Small rant: I really hate it when motorists tell us to get on the side walk. That's illegal. I'm not supposed to ride my bike on the sidewalk any more than they're supposed to drive their cars there!

Oh - I always wear a helmet.

tball said...

I have a 4 way stop near my house too - and on top of that it is near a park and in a 30 km/h zone. All I have to say is that neither cyclists or motorists adhere to the rules. I have almost run over by a car at that particular intersection, gotten into an accident but thank god I always look twice and as they say things always happen in three's - I was crossing the street with my dog when I see a car coming with no intentions of stopping so I had to stop in the middle of the street to let the idiot go or otherwise me and the dog would have been hit!

Ohhhhh these idiots out there!!!!

Ma Horton said...

I love to ride my new bike but I have to be very careful as being hearing impaired you have to be more watchful at all times . Always wear a helmet and keep my ass ( and my head ) waaaaay out reach of any vehicles as possible . By the way , I have seen cars here take to the sidewalk to get to an intersection ...and they were not any dam ambulances either . Where is a cop when you need one ?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm what about the cyclist that hit my NEW car while I was waiting at a traffic light last week?? He had no helmet but,more, importantly, his was riding with one hand and smoking in the other!! True Timmins fashion, I must say.