Sunday, June 01, 2008


I just watched the season finale of Lost and it was satisfying! I am even more impressed I managed to stay away from any related info til I watched it. Course that involved punching people in the jaw every time they'd start to pipe up about it. But desperate times....

Jeremy Bentham!?

Oh Lost, I still love you. And will save myself for your much-anticipated return.

Now, I guess I gotta get to watching The Sound of Music as temporarily donated by Misster Kitty. That's right, I've never watched it. Does that mean I need a pop in the jowls too?


Misster Kitty said...

So what you're saying is... you STILL have not watched it?! Gurl! you best get your Do-Re-Mi on, and fast!

Angry Gnome said...

Dudette, TSOM is life-affirming and makes you skip when you walk when you think about it.