Friday, May 16, 2008

Lurking but Working

Okay. I have been a bad blogger. I have felt uninspired here -yet inspired in other facets of my life. So, I guess that's a fair trade.
There are a couple of projects on the go for me right now that I am excited about. One is becoming a regular contributor to the West End paper, the Chronicle. The other is a business venture that me and Corn are working on. It is so soooo new right now but I think its something I need to focus my energy into, so naturally that means my blog may lack for a while. I will try not to let that happen too severely, though. I like keeping in touch here. I like reading your blogs. I will still be lurking. But working. So please bear with me and don't forget me in the ether!!

BTW - Reggie couldn't have been a bigger gentleman when meeting the dogs in class the first night. It was when we left and the new class starting coming in with new dogs that he LOST HIS MIND. What a wanker. But everyday, we work on his dorkiness. He's in development.

Alright - just wanted to keep you in the loopity loop. I feel I haven't been giving my all here, and wanted you to know why. But it shan't be permanent!!

Have a great long weekend (I'll be workin!!)


Newsguy Bob said...

Misery loves company, and I'm working all freakin' weekend too -- seven days straight. And my brother, sis-in-law and niece are visiting from Iroquois Falls.

It seems that at A-Channel Ottawa, single and childless means family- and friendless, too.

Maria said...

Ahhhhhh The Chronicle, I read that while waiting for my kids at Kumon. Some intresting articles in there and that Toula gal is quite funny. Now they are gonna have two funny gals. Good on you. I will be looking for your articles.

Have a great weekend.

Misster Kitty said...

Business Venture? Ouuuuuu sounds fun. Are you all dressed in Crystal Carrington Shoulder pads and sequins?

sherlock said...

I guess we get what we pay for.

Anonymous said...

Loved your "dog Poo" article in the now called Monitor. Well written!