Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bills Bills Bills

What would you do, if you saw a guy walking a 4 month old husky puppy. Then you saw that guy, for whatever reason pull the puppy up by the leash, choking it? Then you watched in horror as he slammed it against a fire hydrant and kicked it?

You'd probably want to do the same to the guy.

This actually happened, earlier this month in Windsor Ontario. I would like to tell you the dog was taken away from the man. But, it actually had to be euthanized because it was hurt so badly. And the guy in question will likely slip through the cracks like SO MANY people who abuse animals and get away with it.

Wanna know why? The majority of OUR representatives in the House of Commons just voted in favour of a SHITTY animal "protection" bill (s-203). One that lets guys like this go unpunished. I know - I don't get it either. Every major animal rights group, many of our MP's and thousands of Canadians who signed petitions wanted a different bill to go through (C-373). One that TRULY protects animals..but the majority won, obviously. And our voices just weren't loud enough.

My MP, Marlene Jennings, voted against the crappy bill. I'm proud of her for doing it and you better believe I'll remember this come election time.

If you don't know who your representative is, you can find them here:

Then you can find out if your representative voted for, or against the bill by clicking here.


Then, by clicking the "Take Action" button in the lower right corner - you can sent an automatic letter of thanks OR a whatthehellwhereyouthinkingdumbass letter. It's all written for you and everything.

Please forward this to everyone you know. It's embarassing that as Canadians, we are allowing cruelty to animals to continue to go unpunished. Why are we so behind on this? Why aren't our representatives hearing us?

We obviously need to speak a little louder. So - please take a moment and help.


Ma Horton said...

This makes me sick .

Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

Done. My MP is in the "stupid SOB" category, so he won't be getting my vote again!

Misster Kitty said...

Ditto... well almost...

My MP is Gilles Duceppe... he never got my vote to begin with, and never will; but I emailed the prick anyway to voice my displeasure.

Anonymous said...

well I bust into tears looking at that photo and now my entire office has read your post (Can I count that as a silver lining?). Now I need to go remove my mascara as it is halfway down my face.

Maria said...

I will also e-mail my MP. Thats just sick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nat for informing people of what is going on - the truth hurts, and people will keep hurting animals and getting away with it if those of us who have a heart do YELL LOUDER. I suggest that we all keep sending these articles and pictures of abused animals to those idiots who are SUPPOSED to be representing us (WE are the ones paying them after all!). Apparently no stamp necessary even! It has to stop. This world is getting more and more violent as the days go by and the animals deserve our protection against these insane inhumane beings.

Anonymous said...

When is this ever going to STOP????
I'm still reeling over that scumball US Marine who was videotaped throwing a puppy over the cliff to its death in Iraq!

This is the kind of thing that just makes me want to endorse "Vigilante Justice" since there is NOBODY in our current system who seems willing to step up and protect our animals!

Then there are NO consequences to the inhumane lowlifes who continue to do such horrendous things - with impunity!

Our Prime Minister claims to be an animal lover, and his wife does cat rescue work in Ottawa, yet Harper continues to allow the barbaric seal hunts, despite worldwide protests/boycotts against Canada, and all levels of our government still do nothing to strengthen the criminal code to protect animals!

It's time to DEMAND CHANGE to Canada's archaic legislation!! There have been NO changes to the Animal Protection Act in over a century which is truly criminal.

Because the Law is such an ASS, you have to wonder why those involved in the legal system (I refuse to call it Justice) who could actually DO something to change and enforce it, instead decide to just sit pompously on theirs!

Twiggy said...

mine didn't seem to vote either way... Does that mean she wasn't there or that she abstained? 'cuz abstaining is just as bad, quite frankly...

Anonymous said...

This makes me furious! I wish I was able to change things... But I wrote my letter to my MP, Guy André, who is in the SOB category!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nat, mine is Charlie Angus and he voted against the bill, YAY.