Monday, February 11, 2008


Holy shitcans.

I just wrote a big long post. Went to publish and it was deleted.

Blogger can suck donkeys right now.

Please note here, that period punctuation is used to convey an ironic sense of calm.

I could rip the plaster off my walls with my bare fingers right now.

That is all.


tball said...

Nat, that's why I moved to you write a post it saves a draft every couple of minutes or seconds - so should something happen you can go back and find your draft... my only beef with wordpress is you can't go playing around with your layout like you can with blogger...

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey T--blogger saves every few seconds or so, too. Newish feature for them. I think that day, it logged me out for some stupid reason. grrrr.

tball said...

What an asstard that blogger, its been awhile I haven't used blogger maybe I'll come back, I get bored like you and like changing layouts!

I like this word - asstard!