Sunday, December 23, 2007

What'd Ya Get!!?

It's December 23rd and the day of the Blogger Secret Santa Exchange! Keep in mind - you could get your 'e-gift' as late as 11:59 pm. :)  If you've received your gift--tell us all about it here!
My Secret Santa is JBiggs!  Thank you - this made me laugh, and HOW!! 

The Family Christmas Card:

What Really Happens:

Freakin' HI-larious! Amazing. Your kids will LOVE this when they are old enough to appreciate it. This should be your card every year!!!  AND---finally the Classic Family Elf-Yourself!  Thanks's wishing you guys the best holiday!


Misster Kitty said...

OK first to comment on N@'s gift! I totally freaking lurv the "What Really Happens" Christmas Card Photo. That is CLASS-IC! And if it were up to me I'd have sent that out as the official card.

And the Elf yourself... well I think I've sent out about 10 of em so far. To friends, family, co workers... so much fun in just minutes and it's free, and MOST IMPORTANT of all...... JAZZ HANDS!

~ ~ ~

Now as for my gift, I gots me one of those interactive e-Cards from Marisa. You can see it here. I'm all in for interactive, and especially if, as it does in day SIX, include reference to NOG! awww yea! Very fun, I've played with it 3 times! (The CARD NGB, the CARD!) heh! Tanks Marisa. :-)

Hope y'all enjoy your e-Secret e-Santa e-Gifts...


newsguy bob said...


Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

Missster Kitttttty (sorry, got a bit carried away with the multiple letters:) sent me a hilarious 12 days of Christmas that scared the bejeezus out of one of my cats (the other was off sleeping in a case of pop). Umm.... I don't think I can attach it here -- I will attempt to put it on my dusty blog. Merry Christmas all!

T said...

I received a card(I think) that I am unable to open...If anyone can tell me how to get into it, I would be ever so grateful! Hope you all have a great holiday and a very happy 2008!

JB said...

Bob sent me a picture of - I don't think I can tell you here, actually - a couple of women who decorated themselves as if part of their bodies were two little Mickey mice. Well - in the case of one of the women - two BIG Mickey mice, to tell you the truth - and apparently they (both the women, and their decorated parts) won't be allowed in anything belonging to the Disney franchise anytime soon. From the picture, I gather it was taken during Mardi Gras celebrations - so at least these two women had the decency to be partially covered - albeit with Mickey Mouse faces in a rather odd area (guess where the black ball on the end of Mickey's nose went?) - while they were having beads heaved at them.
Merry Christmas, Bob...and thanks.
It was ...unique. ;-)

And Kitty, we sent both pictures out together. The second one is also our favourite, and it adorns our desktop. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Marisa said...

I got a poem from Theresa:

I know a girl Marisa
I met her on the web
In her life she is strong
And knows how to get ahead

She has herself a blog
She calls it "I Have What?"
It tells how she had cancer
And kicked it's sorry butt

She has a son and daughter
To her they are the world
They're Dinoboy and Pupa
Around their fingers she is curled

She took them on a road trip
A long way they did go
They came home safe and sound
The way home she did know

I'm sure that in this season
of good will and holiday cheer
she is in high spirits
cause Santa is so near

She has been in remission
For 3 years now gone by
We pray it shall remain
and give a great big sigh

She is a woman of strength
with dignity and grace
when given the diagnosis
a challenge she did face

So in this holiday time
a wish for you that's true
a brighter year ahead
and a Merry Christmas to you!

I love it, so thoughtful. She's a frickin poet!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

Misster Kitty said...

OK I just got a second card from Marisa... YAY! This one is even much more 'me' Especially the "Offensive Version" Now if they only offered up a Farting Christmas card! heh! Take a lookie-look ...

Seems like we got a colourful group on our hands here...

Ma Horton said...

If you checked my blog you can see we kept it all in the family as N@ was my Secret SaNATa ...that's us one big cartoon . I think this will take the Oscar for cartoon short of the year .
Love it . Merry Christmas and God bless us every one .

Anonymous said...

cheryl thanks for the festive Christmas clips.
T don't know what happened with the card,MERRY CHRISTMAS & happy new year T
NAT& FAMILY & my friends in natland it been a blast
happy holidays

Misster Kitty said...

Who says things don't come in threes....

Maria said...

My secret Santa was Ma Horton and I would post the movie clip but I can't open it I even tried from 2 different PC's.

However, her kind words were very much appreciated.

Thanks guys and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Ma Horton said...

Merry Maria ...that could be because my lap top is an Apple and you need Quicktime worries ..check my site for your e -gift . xoxox