Friday, December 14, 2007

The Secret Santa Begins!!!

There are 10 of us participating in The Blogger Secret Santa!


I put all our names on individual papers and drew random names. You should have received your Secret Santa name via e-mail this morning (if you didn't, or I didn't give you their e-mail address - let me know!) The only part about ME doing the drawing of names is that I know who has me. I actually JUST had this thought: I should have made ALL of you get me! HAH!!! Man, I coulda been all, "In Yo Faces Suckahssssss!" on December 23rd.

But people, that is not the reason for the season. Let's not get greedy.

So - here's the deal. The rule is: spend NO money! (exception of course, for the person who has me. I will gladly accept a variety of gifts with a monetary value and/or a wad of unmarked bills in a brown paper bag left at a location to be determined). Your e-gift can be as creative as your imagination and the internet machine will allow. Some gift ideas:
e-cards, e-flowers, poetry, a drawing, a story, a get the idea?

Send your Secret Santa Gift on December 23rd to your receiver's e-mail address. When you receive your OWN e-gift come back here and tell us what you dun getted!

And remember, it's a secret so kindly shut yo' pieholes.


Jen said...

Oh no! I wanted to be in on the Secret Santa, and I sent you an e-mail but I forgot the . between natlauzon!! I just noticed now that I got an "undeliverable" message. But I guess it's better that way because it would have been an uneven number of people and would have screwed it all up. I'll try again next year. Have fun being e-Santa's!!

N@ Lauzon said...

OH CRAP!!! Sorry about that Jen! I would say if someone else joins, then we can do it...but then you know you'd be getting them and they'd be getting you, unless I reshuffled things again. POO.

Happy Ho Hos though! Thank you for your interest!!!

Newsguy Bob said...

Nope. No email yet. Maybe it's caught up in the Christmas rush in cyberspace.

Jen said...

Don't worry Nat. It's really my fault. I'll just send you all an e-gift right here, how's that?
Happy Ho's to all of you too!

N@ Lauzon said...

HEY BOB! Should be sent to your hotmail..did it go to the junk foler maybe?

Maria said...

I gotts mine... yay!!!!!!!! now lets just hope I remember to send my e-gift out.

I will try to make a mental note, so I don't get e-humiliated.

Happy Holidays to One & All!

JB said...

Fa la la la.

...That's all your gettin' outta me for now, peeple.

Personally, I think Coffee opened Bob's email, and deleted his Secret Santa name. (That's what you get for adopting a cat who plays Scrabble better than you do.)

Newsguy Bob said...

Can you re-gift an e-gift?

Misster Kitty said...

I don't have a Piehole, but I do have a cakehole. :-)

Newsguy Bob said...

Enough about holes! My Gawd, can't you give the dirty talk a rest for the holidays???

No, YOU shut up!

Newsguy Bob said...


You were right, it was in my hotmail junkmail box.

Now to find the perfect e-gift. Mwah-hah-hah.

tball said...

Crap I missed the deadline! I wanted to do this secret Santa thingy :(

T said...

N@, got mine! Already started my *research*....hehe