Monday, December 03, 2007


Flea has figured out that plastic bags = food. Lots of stinky, rotting, delicious food.
(I love the 3rd photo in her 'caught' position.)

A couple of months ago we mistakenly left some kitchen garbage near the door, thinking the other was taking it out. I came home to find a murder scene of corn cobs, extracted from a crude hole in the bag and dragged into various favourite doggie sleeping places. There were smooshed corn kernels all over the floor and the cobs were absolutely stripped clean. I had to laugh.

So now, Flea equates plastic bags with good good eats. Who wouldn't? A few days ago she was sitting in front of the garbage bag (much like this last photo) barking and snapping at Mr. Farnsworth when he got too close. Which is hilarious to me, since she is not protective or mean about anything. Doubly hilarious since Farnsworth is such a d*ck, but he listens to her when she bitches.

Smart guy.


Amazon Woman said...

We had to put a child lock on the door to the garbage as Miss Poo would open it and feats upon the garbage buffet that awaited her. No reservations or pants required.

Keep smilin!

Misster Kitty said...