Friday, December 07, 2007

New Old Voice

I loved doing drive (3-7pm) this week. It's a good gig. But I'm thrilled to get back to middays. I like my special little area. HAH! DON'T WE ALL!???!!! Ahem. But anyway - so, I'll be back on from 10-1. And since you now know that the Kaptain is doing mornings on our sister station, CHOM...this of course means we had a spot to fill.

Kelly Alexander, our fantabulous traffic gal is moving to her own show during Mix middays! Kelly lives, eats, breathes radio. She gives her all and has come SOOOO FAR in such a short time of 'jocking'. And I am proud to share a mic with her. And hey - more chicks on the radio man!! So tune in for Kelly - middays from 1-4. And uh, me, before that if you're so inclined. :)



Amazon Woman said...

I am so friken fraken excited for her!

Keep smilin!

Misster Kitty said...

Kudos to Kelly!

I actually heard her last Traffic Update last night as you and she bantered about her new gig!


Chicks rule @ the Mix... well ok, Chicks and Murray :-)

Maria said...

Kitty, you forgot to mention the other dudes on the mix.

Now, for N@ how could we help not listen to you its because of YOU that we all have a freakin' blog, ok, or at least that I have a blog to avoid posting as anonymous. Ma Horton never even knew she created a blog until it was a done deal. I have already noticed how my kids have changed since I started posting - and its all thanks to you girl. Or should I say damn you woman for getting us to spill our guts on here and talk about anything and everything. I never thought I would see a grown man on a camel and thanks to NGB that has happened. I never knew that the North Pole could puke and end up in someone's house but it happened to Kitty, and I never thought I could sit at my PC, read stuff that you write and laugh by myself but again its happened.

So good on you and congrats to Kelly I am sure she will do a fine-tastic job.

Newsguy Bob said...

Is it just me, or does Maria make my camel riding exploit sound dirty?

Maria said...

its just you... heh