Tuesday, November 27, 2007

YEEEEHAW! (and other exclamations of hillybilly joy)....

I dun had me a birthday and it was guuuud!

First off, a few thank yous: J51 and NGB - for your birthday cards! Unexpected and a really nice surprise (NGB, including the waxed back hair was a nice touch).

Secondly, MA AND DAWN WERE HERE! My mom and sis flew in to surprise me for the weekend festivities which was freakin' cool. Corn had them meet us at Al Dente on Monkland Friday night. Thank you guys for making the time and havin' a weekend! :)

Saturday was the big toothless outing at Spurs country bar. For those of you who've been reading for a while - that's where I went for my 30th and had a blast. Two years later, and I figured I was ready for a re-visit.
This time, Misster Kitty came with his feller, Didier - who are OUTSTANDING human beings (aside from the occasional Celine Dion meltdown on Kitty's part). And they dun bringed me presents. Again, TOTALLY unexpected. In case you were wondering: A pony and a pair of slippers. A pony wearing slippers. A pony in a slip. A pony eating dip. Tony with a hairlip.

Kitty's documented the night on his blog, so we'll leave it at that..but here are some pics from my cam....

I think it's always important to end on a "drunk woman choking young man" note. It's a good out.


Misster Kitty said...

FABU pics N@! It's like re-living it all again, but from a safe distance where I no longer fear for my my life... and I'm sober! ;-)

...and might I just say that it is YOU who are OUTSTANDING... (except for occasionally playing CĂ©line Dion)

Who loves your 35 year old b.o.b. most? well, ok, after Corn, your Ma and Pa and Dawn, and the the ratdoggies... We do! Me and Didz!

Can't wait for next Nov 25th. We've already circled it on our calendar!

Amazon Woman said...

I am a bad blog bud....I missed the highest of high days! Happy Birthday! Looks like a Spur-ific time!

Keep smilin!

tball said...

Holy Crap that is a really huge blue cowboy hat!!!!

Maria said...

I need to be forgiven. I was cruising over the Atlantic on the Carnival Glory... I was with ya all in spirit though.

Hope you had a fab day and next year I better be invited - dammit... I am starting to feel left out! HA!