Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Ellen Breakdown

By the way - what did you guys think of this?

My opinion is twofold...

1. Agreements are agreements. Legal and binding. MANY rescue places (in fact, I think most) have a clause which states if you do not want to keep the dog - you must return it to them so they can place it. This is their job. I had to do this with a dog I adopted (before Mr. Farnsworth - shhh, don't tell him somebody tried to hump Flea before him).

2. It's her show and I love her AND I empathize with the situation. Plus, I respect that she apologized and said it was her fault. But I don't think she should have mentioned the rescue or even the situation on air. This does NO good for a group which is only looking out for animals - because now THESE people are receiving death threats, etc. Not cool.

3. In my opinion, the rescue should go back and screen the family the dog was with, within their own parameters and if they are suitable...give the poor guy back. They shouldn't hold out, out of spite because this has now been made a public issue.

The other thing is - dogs are amazing at 'bouncing back'. We can't help but anthropomorphize them but the thing is, they don't pine or feel bad for themselves or what have you. They live in the moment - so wherever Iggy goes, the home will be a good one and he will be happy and that's what counts. I get it - but don't sweat it Ellen. Think of all the cruelties levelled against animals. At least this pup will be loved wherever he ends up. He's one of the lucky ones!


Misster Kitty said...

This is a mess.

I heart Ellen, I HEART her big time... but I think she should have kept this between herself and the agency.

As I understand it they will not give the dog back based on the ages of the children, 11 and 12. The rules are that dog (I think it might only apply to small ones) is that they are not placed with familys with children under 14 I think. Which I guess is a good rule, but then maybe it's too narrow, when you think that grown adults can be even more crul that a child that just needs to be taught what is correct and incorrect as far as interacting with a dog, small or otherwise.

Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

I like Ellen, too, but this is a legal matter, and a personal matter, and I don't think it belongs on her show. The kids will get over it. What are they learning from Ellen now -- if you make a mistake and cry about it, someone will fix it? I was a bit annoyed by Ellen's tone "well, I guess I signed a piece of paper..." like that didn't matter. It's a contract. Deal with it.

Perhaps I watch too much Judge Judy.

Maria said...

I also love Ellen she is such a funny lady and really seems like just a regular person.

I never thought someone who makes everyone else laugh so much can actually break down like that. I also believe the agency should just evaluate the "new" family Iggy is living in, if they get Ellen's approval I am sure its A-OK!!

But what do I know I don't have any pets (except fish) and they don't count.

Marisa said...

I normally love Ellen, but I think she used her celebrity card to try to get her way. Sooo not cool.

Rules are rules. She signed a contract, she needs to let it go.

I saw a report that the screening process can be as harsh as adopting a child. But that's another story...

Milky said...

Love Ellen. LOVE her!

But... this did not belong on the air. Period. It's a personal matter.

I do a show everyday too. I've had horrible things going on in my life and had to suck it up and get on the air as Mr. Happy Pants despite the events going on in my real world. I think that's true for just about everyone... in any job.

Word today is that this dog has already been placed with another family.

Also, Ellen admits that she has often adopted animals and the re-adopted them. Don't think for a second that she hasn't opened herself up to every TMZ-ish type place to dig and dig and dig to find other such incidents in the past.

And with as much knowledge of animals as Ellen claims to have, then she should know better than anyone that when you adopt a puppy, it's going to be high energy and a lot to handle. Helllllloooooooo...

JB said...

I think you've thought it out well, and from what I understand of the story, this particular group have a rule about not placing dogs in homes with children under 14. So be it.
On one hand, it's very disturbing to me that there would be death threats against people in an organization just trying to maintain the staus quo, but I'm also angered that members of the group turned it into a pissing contest by saying their hand won't be forced by the "Ellen Degenereses of the world." As if Ellen has an agenda outside of promoting love and good will. Yes, even those who promote only love and good will can be misguided, and her initial plea was indeed incorrectly presented - but their response on the issue could have been weighed a little more carefully. Instead, they've now turned it into a war of words, which was heavy-handed, and it will bring more hatred their way from a public which is trained to respond only to sound bites.

JB said...

...So you're "Mr. Happy Pants".

...I've heard about you.


Ma Horton said...

Ma's personal opinion :I love Ellen and celebrity or not we are all human beings with feelings we sometimes cannot hide even on the air . I have had my heart on my sleeve plenty of times and if FEELING is a crime then count me as guilty as her . In this computerized ,robotic world we all live in where rules , when needed , should be considered stretched as in this case . I am on the side of compassion and caring as was Ellen thinking only of the welfare of her pet . Dogs may live in the moment but they do not forget .

TwistedChildOfThe80z said...

You know what I hate? Everybody loves funny people (and Ellen is like the Goddess of funny people) but they don't take it when something brings them down. It's as if "Woaw, you've crossed a RED line there lady. You were supposed to entertain me as I was sitting there. Jump. Jump around. Giggle and be happy now. YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE! I'm depressed all the time and your JOB is to make me forget about it so WHY CAN'T YA?! We can't BOTH be depressed. I'M the depressed one. It's MY thing. This is all I got in life, man! I don't like you anymore and I'll go make fun at you bawling on youtube."

Yeah... poor dog. They should take him back if the family fits what they are looking for (and really all you need is a loving and responsible family, right?! Which I'm sure they are.).