Friday, October 19, 2007

Dead Guys and Halloween

I'm asposed to be writing the Top 20 right now. But it's Friday night and I've gotten this far...

...heating leftover pasta, splashing my face with water (I am very smeared mascara right now) pouring a glass of wine and sitting in front of my laptop. It's raining TORRENTIALLY right now - and I can hear it vividly - being on the top floor and against the roof. It's neat. After a 30 degree day in Montreal in October, now the skies have opened up.

Anyway - I will write. But first, I must tell you this.

The very ancient apartment building beside us (which I am strangely drawn to. I can't explain it. It's all fallin' apart but I like it somehow. It kinda looks like a big decrepit house instead of a tenement). Anyway - in celebration of Halloween, someone decorated the building's large front trees with dangling ghosts and pumpkins and made a perimeter of that "Do Not Cross" police tape, for extra eeriness. I thought it was cute. I love it when people do stuff like that.

Then it struck me.

Months back, a guy was murdered outside of our respective buildings and there was police tape bordering the crime scene.
And I realized, I can't even look at a Halloween display now, without it actually referencing something tragic. Wonder if our neighbours have been savin' the tape since then. GAH! Could you imagine? Unless of course - one of the dangling pumpkins had an altercation with one of the dangling ghosts and the police tape was legit.

Alright, I just finished dinner and the rain has stopped. Gotta get back to my paid writing gig. Even though this is more fun. :)

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