Sunday, September 30, 2007

Onions and Maria. But not in that order.

I met Maria! I met Maria!

HAH! - this is funny because we sooo knew that naturally, we'd come back and blog about it (and by the by thank you for the very kind words, Maria).

But okay, for the rest of you - Maria is a wee little thing (who could still kick my ass). I even gave her the weenie wrist test, and she's got Burnsy wrists like me. And secondly - she is a sweetheart. And thirdly, she's right about what I said - she don't need no stinkin' diet. But, still - I admire you for giving it a go, girl! Congrats to your pal Wendy, too on winning all that cash! That is so great. Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you and I'm glad you came up to say hi.

So this summer/fall, I've met Misster Kitty and Maria. Who's next?! Bring it! I'll wrastle ya in a burlap sack if you want.

I went shopping with Val yesterday. Val is one of our receptionists. If you come get a prize in the afternoon - you will experience Val. She is ridiculously funny and she also thinks everyone ELSE is ridiculously funny. But if you're a legitimate weirdo when you come pick up a prize, she'll pretend nothing's up and then tell me about it later. So, don't be weird at reception. Unless you want us 'holy sh*tt*ng' over you later on.

Anyway. Yesterday, with Val - I bought onion soup bowls. This is very grown-up, non? I am almost 32 and slowly but surely retiring university plates and utensils. But I bought onion soup bowls because:

a) they were on sale and ...

b) Corn watched Jamie Oliver make "English Onion Soup" on TV and he wanted to make it. But I know how boy brains work and I know we don't have oven-safe bowls. And rather than risk a glass explosion in the oven I bought onion soup bowls. And you know what? The soup was good! And even better without crunching shards of glass! Hip Hip Hooray.

Strange though, isn't it? The thought of onion soup? Eating a big bowl of waterlogged onions? Then paperweighting it to your insides with cheese and bread? My colon will be on strike til Friday.

Can't start the week without a poo (or lack thereof) reference.



T said...

N@, next time you come up to Timmins town, I'll buy a round of mojitos, cause according to MK, they're all that. And onion soup....mmmmmmm, with lots of stringy cheese...mmmmmm

Newsguy Bob said...

Ha-ha! Beatcha to the white rabbits.

My only experience with Mojitos was in Mojitoville (my new name for Varadero). Two words: YUM MEE.

French onion soup: Stinky farts galore! Fess up now, Girl: Did you pull the old dutch oven on Corn last night? I hope the rat dawgs weren't under the blankets. It'd kill 'em.

Misster Kitty said...

Mojitos are the bomb-digity.


Marisa said...

You are all grown up now. Bowls...what's next a sandwich press?

Maria is itty-bitty? Must be strange to put a face and body to the voice behind the blog.

Maria said...

I wish I was itty-bitty... thats why I am on the stinkin' diet. Going on vacation next month and I want to get rid of my J.Lo ass before yet another bikini attempts to fit over it.

N@ did the weenie wrist test on me and her fingers easily went around my wrist, I am thinking its because she has long fingers.

BTW, STOP blogging about food I am freakin' hungry. LOL

And yes, I am a sweetheart (blush, blush) and I have met N@ and NGB this summer/fall. I look out for Kitty on the streets of Montreal but haven't seen him yet.

Maria said...

BTW, did you make your own onion soup or that pre-packages loaded with salt alternative?