Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kathy Biever

The following is an article about a local woman with a huge heart. This was written by Angela Hunter who works for the SPCA Monteregie. Kathy is a woman who lives near me. We have never met but know of one another because of our shared love of animals. Please - if you or someone you know is looking for a dog or cat, consider this option.

Kathy Biever a lady with lots of titles; professional ballerina; teacher; foster mom; mom; animal rescuer and the latest - cancer victim.

Kathy Biever toured the world as a ballerina, gracing the stages with her impeccable technique and magical movements. When she arrived to Montreal in 1972, two very impressive names in the ballet world Ludmillia Chiriaef and Fernand Nault-persuaded her to stay in Montreal and dance with the Grands Ballets Canadiens.

Passion for dance and children, Biever decided she would like to give back everything she learned and inspire the future ballerina’s of this world. In 1975 she came a dance teacher where she taught across North America for 18 years until a knee injury obliged her to slow down.

In 1992 she went back to school and got a degree in special-care counseling from College Marie-Victorin. Today, she helps disadvantaged children and is a foster parent.

Heart of Gold-Zest for Life-Live and let Live describes Kathy Biever

With a zest for life an open door philosophy, to help any living creature, to Kathy Biever it didn’t matter if it was a child in need; an animal in distress or a friend who needed to spend couple of nights on her sofa. To her, they were in need and she was going to help!

Kathy Biever, who resides in N.DG. has rescued countless number of cats, kittens and dogs and gave them a second chance on life. Some of her animals, maybe not be viewed as perfect in today's society, such as Tripod, a three-Legged Senior German Shepherd, her black one-eyed cat, a blind Siamese. To Kathy Biever, they are perfect just the way they are.

We need YOU to Help Kathy Biever’s Animals

For the first time, instead of Kathy Biever rushing to the aid of someone, she is the one needing the help. Kathy Biever is battling brain cancer and no longer can keep up with her busy household of animals. She’s looking for people to adopt her several cats and give them the opportunity for another lease on life like she did many years ago. Also, needing a home is Tripod her Senior Shepherd.

Even though Kathy is an individual animal rescuer, she has actively fostered for the Animal Rescue Network, who will be screening any potential calls if anyone is interested in adopting Kathy’s feline family and her special boy Tripod. Please call 514 859-9010 option 1. Please use Kathy Biever’s name as a referral. Small adoption fees will apply for the cats.

If you can’t have an animal but would like to help Kathy, please pass by a garage sale with all proceeds going directly to Kathy on September 29th 5633 Queen Mary Road corner of Cressy 9:00-4:00 Rain or shine!


Elizabeth said...

Nice write up about Kathy. Still some cats needing homes...but the population is going down.

Anonymous said...

Im now dating her brother Wish I had known her before, What a beautiful soul.