Thursday, September 06, 2007

On Deaf Ears.

Workaholics need life balance
More peace, joy, and time to dance
Sadly they slave away at home
With their noses to the grindstone

They do work tirelessly and furiously
Pushing through tasks aggressively
Always getting things done diligently
Delegating and using people readily
Fighting for their focus consistently
Angrily alienating people foolishly
They never quite enjoy their life fully

Being there outwardly, but absent inwardly
Going out with people grudgingly
Workaholics usually behave most smugly
Continually exuding their vast superiority
Their feelings fixated professionally

It seems friends and family are merely
Another trophy to project their identity
Leverage to help their image in society
Appear polished, capable, and prudently
Prominent, affluent, and important
Prosperous, wealthy, and abundant
In the finer, elegant things of life
Never mind they return home to strife

Because of their incessant work schedule
The workaholic has no time for upheaval
Neither to relationally listen and shovel
Heartfelt feelings from an emotional pit
Hence they work nonstop and never quit
Preferring rather to neglect and bury it

Avoiding acknowledging a painful truth
They stumble relationally being uncouth
Unkind, giving no time, to the most sublime
Satisfying intangible blessing to mankind

That being love and life liberally given
A personal freewill, generous contribution
Such selfless love births a revolution
Within the hearts of everyone it does touch
It seems quite costly, but adds so much

Monetarily it is the least of expenses
Requiring only a time investment
Bringing unfathomable appreciation
Priceless integration and accumulation
Of inner wealth and joyous wonders
Rectifying wrongs of workaholics blunders

(not written by me, but sadly, echoes every sentiment.)

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Jen said...

Ma wants to take a double-double of Fuckitol and Nat doesn't seem so good either.
So whatever's not going too well these days, I hope it gets better. Sending good thoughts both ways!
Have a good relaxing week-end.