Monday, August 27, 2007

Work Me Out.

We were in beautiful Ormstown this weekend for a friends' wedding. Good times! Humid day. Too-heavy a dress selection on my part. BUT..still, a great time. And I stayed up WAY past my Grade 7 bedtime. :) And by the way the Spanx were awesome.

I've decided I need to get back to working out. STAT. My gym membership expired at the end of May and I figured I could supplement my summer by riding my bike a lot and working out at home til at least September. It started off that way - but the last month, I've done nothing. DIDDLY. And my ass is paying for it. I can tell. Sometimes, in the dead of night, I hear a faint sound...kinda like vinyl on vinyl. It is the sound of my butt stretching widthwise. And I feel crappy, too. Staying active is such a necessity on so many levels! So, I rode my bike to work today for the first time in a month.

I felt winded after the first 4 minutes.

WHAT AM I, 70? Earlier this summer, I used to blow past cyclists on the bike path, wondering how they could be so slow. And today, I was that person. I have seen the world through their puttery putt putt eyes BLAH. So - I'll keep at it and hopefully be broken in again soon.

And this week, I'll be dropping by Energie Cardio to start up a new membership.

How was yer weekends, collectively?


J51 said...

this weekend i volunteered for the weekend to end breast cancer, i did the 3 days, friends it was life changing for me ,i was overwhelmed & tearful, i signed up for next year to volunteer.

Newsguy Bob said...


You just gave my self-esteem a major boost, by knowing that I'm not the only one who spent the summer getting out of the gym routine. I, too, will now make a concerted effort to get my fat ass back to the gym.


Newsguy Bob said...

Will Spanx work on my gut?

JB said...

I had a hip replacement this summer. You wanna talk about starting from scratch, holy crap! However, I'm about this >< far away from fixing the handbrake on my mountain bike's front wheel, and then terrorizing (in the nicest possible way) the 5-yr-olds in my subdivision who shouldn't be out on their own (not until you're ten, kids, without supervision - let's make it a law) on a bike. ..."where are your parents, ya little whippersnapper?" - or possibly words to that effect...(because I'm way closer to 70 than you are)