Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shaky Chicklets

I wondered why lately, Farnsworth hasn't been chewing his bones.

I give them each a cow hoof to gnaw on and Flea goes INSANE on hers. Her teeth are like steel. But lately, Reggie takes his, gingerly deposits it on his bed, lies beside it and stares at me. For some reason, I thought he was just trying to guard it and wanted me out of the room before he started chewing. Now, I know otherwise.

I was examining their mouths last night. Been meaning to book Reggie for a dental cleaning. When much to my surprise, I noticed that ALL of his little front teeth (and I mean little, they are about half a cm) and a few of the front bottom ones are on the brink of falling right out of his mouth. His mouth is pretty nasty but I don't think those teeth are rotting out. I think they got knocked loose. I remember him running into something last week (I honestly can't remember what, now. Possibly my steel-toe boot. I KID! I KID PEOPLE!!)...but I DO remember him licking at his chops, like it had hurt. So, I think his grill got knocked loose.

I'm no expert, but I think they gotta come out. I mean, what do you do with wobbly teeth? Good lord. When Reggie's adult teeth started coming in, he was all Big Book of British Smiles - there wasn't enough room for all of them. So, they had to yank a few. SEVEN to be exact. And now, he'll have to get more taken out. He's gonna be all Alfred E. Newman. All Mike Tyson. All South Porcupine!

I feel sooooooo bad for the little shit. Maybe the vet will have pity and give him some fake gold teeth for his smile.

I am a bad, bad dog mom.


Misster Kitty said...

Don't blame yourself, Ratdawg Mommie... blame god.

Maybe you could get him all decked out with metal caps then he could look like Flava-Flav. Get him a mini big clock to wear round his neck...

Yeaaaa Boooooooooooooieeeeeeee!


I'm sure all will be ok. I'll send some positive vibe Farnie's way.

Newsguy Bob said...

Okay, so maybe Farnsy isn't the best coice to guard Ma and Karma against Yogi Bear -- although he would fit into South Porcupine, toothless and all.

Sorry to hear about the little guy's mouth misfortunes. I hope all works out well.

Is there such a thing as doggie dentures?

Ma Horton said...

I feel bad for Reggie ..I hope he gets fixed up and they dont need to pull anything . Poor little gaffer.

em-uh said...

your blogs amuse me so. :)

did you get my email, lady!?

i've had some communication with kristina lately. apparently they let just about anybody on facebook anymore!

hope all is well.

your favorite trading spaces production assistant,
not craig.
no, not jake.
no no, not mark, either!
ugh, it's EMMA!

Maria said...

so sad for the poor little fella. We have all been there after a dentist appointment where we can barely open our mouth much less chew and for his little chompers on the brink of falling out must be so painful.

I think Kitty might have a recommendation on a good dentist. I hear he LOVES visiting his good Doctor.

Amazon Woman said...

Poor poo and Mom to the Poo. You are a good poo mom. He could get doggy braces and fling his elastics at his brother!

Keep smilin!