Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scro and Tum ta tum tum....

...flew the poopcoop last week. But I am just now recovering from the after effects of singlehandedly cleaning the nest. Let us review some things I have learned.

1. Pigeons are okay with sleeping with bugs.

2. And their own poo.

3. And maggots. Yes, I said maggots.

4. Once they can fly, they will not necessarily leave you the hell alone. They still keep trying to come sleep on my balcony at night, but I keep shooing them away. One is brave, the other - not so much. One will sit and stare at me for a long time and I have to really put on a show to make him fly away. Last night, they huddled in a window ledge on the building across from me and blinked all pigeony-like at my balcony.

5. I am still very allergic to bird poo.

I saw daddy pigeon givin' mama pigeon the bidniz the other day too (and in front of the kids!). NOT IN MY BACKYARD, HEATHENS! I haven't seen the parents in a good while. I'm assuming they made a new lovenest somewhere. But Scro and Tum keep finding their way back to me.

Oh, and yesterday a guy at work goes.. "Hey! Did you see my babies on Facebook?"

Me: What babies?

Him: I have a pigeon nest on my balcony! Wanna see the pics?



Misster Kitty said...


Gald to hear the nut birds have flown the coop N@tters...

Time to brick up that balcony lest you get new Flying Rat Tenants!

Marisa said...

Where on GOD's green earth do you live, Nat?

No pics of the papa and mama pigeon doing the nasty??? LOL

Ma Horton said...

I feel sad that I never got to see my little egglets grow into feathered flying poopers...I bet they miss their granny .

Maria said...

sorry but they look nasty. I say that more today than ANY OTHER DAY because it seems that just as I drive my car out of the car wash (today not being any different) that is when they shit on it.

One time they threw a bomb while I was driving (with the sunroof open) and they dropped it 3 inches from my sun roof opening.