Thursday, July 26, 2007

I love Craigslist

I've bought stuff, sold stuff and rented an apartment. But these are the gems of Craigslist.


Maria said...

OMG I haven't read through all the ones posted BUT My mother-In-Law letter is bleeping hilarious!!!!!!!!

N@ Lauzon said...

there is also a great one called...Day from hell, or something like that..find it! heheeheh

Misster Kitty said...


The tears are rolling down my face, even as I type this....

Based on your recommendation I read "Yesterday was Hell" and thrice I laughed so hard that people stopped what they were doing at work to look at me and giggle themselves, knowing not what I was even laughing about ...

I just forwarded the link to Kelli ... heh!

I gotta read more of these!

JB said...

I bookmarked best-of-craigslist a while ago...I just wished they changed 'em up a bit more often.
There was a great rant in there about a woman standing in line in a coffee shop which was really good, but it might be gone now.

JB said...'s still there -

...yikes. Angry much?

Misster Kitty said...

OH MY GOD! I thinks s/he's my twin... and we were separated at birth.

Ok, s/he's a little over the top, but HOO-LEE MOO-LEE!

This I can tell you... S/he's a soul mate of M-K ... like fur sure, you know?

And having managed a couple of cafes in my time, we DO find the time to drop things into their coffee without being noticed... if HALF of what the Happy poster wrote was true, I guarantee there was MORE than coffee in her cup.


JB said...

Actually, I thought it was pretty funny, too, but the c-word in the title was definitely over the top.