Monday, May 14, 2007

weekend funsies

Flea is such a hog. For a 4lb ball of nothing, she sure loves to eat. When your canine diet extends past crumbs, garbage and leaves to 'inanimate objects' like lint, rocks and clothes tags - you know eating is more of an obsession than anything else. I say this because we had our first barbecue of the season on Friday (and then the second on Sunday!) and Flea figured out that the barbecue is a food machine. She wouldn't leave it alone. She hovered like a vulture. Trying to lick the scraper brush, drops of grease, the BBQ wheels. ERGH. So - that's her new obsession. Gonna be a long summer. :)

So, yeah. We broke in the outdoor grillin (and a big thanks to Pa Horton for shippin' that bad boy down here). On Friday we had some friends over. And yesterday, we had Corn's family over for a BBQ for Mother's Day. Drinky-poos outside, eats inside at our new table. It was the first time we actually had a real meal at our table and it was fun being functional. Though I realized my next purchase must be - GOOD MATCHING UTENSILS. A few of them last night were old ones my sister used at university. Time to get with it, Lauzon. Martha Stewart, you ain't.

Anyway. I have to post some pics soon. Maybe this aft because our place is clean. But maybe not because I toy with your emotions that way.

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Misster Kitty said...

You're such a Pic-Tease!