Thursday, May 10, 2007

keep it cool


Hot day today. No doubt about it. See this? This is me not complaining. This is me juuuuuuust asking: What kind of a/c device can you use with crank windows?

Can't use a window unit as we don't have vertical or horizontal windows - we've got casement, I think it's called. Don't know much about ductless (anyone? Bueller?). Heard about the rolly R2D2 portable units. But their exhaust tubes need to go outside and it might be hard to configure that with a crank window.



JB said...

I don't know the rules governing what you can and can't change at your place, but maybe you could convert one of your crank/casement windows to a horizontal slider to Ay-commy-date a Ay-con-dishy unit?

Misster Kitty said...


You gotta get an external fan/extractor and get a wall mounted unit. How big is your place? We have 900 sq ft and a 12000 btu will do.

If you have a balcony or better yet (like we did, cause we're on the top floor) we had the extractor put on the roof (a little ways away from our terrasse) It was so worth it!

I can't wait to get home to it!

Newsguy Bob said...

With all due respect to JB and Misster Kitty, don't do anything until you get some input from Milky.
Dude was separated at birth from Bob Vila. Never mind that Vila is about 20 years older than Milky, you get my point.

John Mielke Photography said...

Bob Villa is 23 years older, thank you. :) Wow... appreciate the plug NGB!

If the windows are newer/vinyl windows then they likely have a quick releae feature somewhere on them that will allow you to remove them from the window casing. If that's the case, then you pick up an AC unit that fits the width of the frame, and then you get some plexy glass to fill the remainder of the window.

Some simple trim moulding or quarter round is all you need to hold that in place.

If your windows don't come out then your next best bet is an in-wall unit. You're in a condo, so you'll want to be sure that you're premitted to cut holes in the walls. You'll want to hire a pro for this though as you need to be sure you're not cutting into a section of wall that has electrical or plumbing in it... or that you'll be cutting a load bearing beam.

The portable units are apparently really good... but the trick there is that you need to vent them to the outside somehow. Leaving a window open to do this doesn't make sense. I suspect that you'd be looking at building some sort of insert for your patio door whereby the door would close onto your insert instead of the latch.

Luckily we have central air. But man, I had to get really creative in a number of apartments we lived in.

Newsguy Bob said...

Milky: You're welcome. I think your post proved my point.

I have central air in my new place, but you know what? -- I don't intend to use it much. A/C and I don't get along, as proven in my car, the apartment I had in Ajax, and the resorts I've been to in Varadero and Punta Cana. Air conditioning makes my body ache, and gives me a sore, scratchy throat. It's okay to get the room cooled down to a comfortable level, then I let fans do the rest.
I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, and own two big floor fans. Besides, I imagine the fans would use less electricity combined, than the central air would on its own, no?

Marisa said...

I think the easiest solution would be to move to a place with central a/c.

Maria said...

I think you and Corn (along with the little Corn-dogs) should sit on the sofa and just blow into each other's face.

By the way, I was just getting out of my car last night on Somerled and Cavendish when Randi said you had called to say that The Dollar Store on the same street had the Mix on "real loud" I had gone to pick up some steaks at Tranzo The Boucherie on that same street. I was thinking of coming into the Dollar Store just to see if you look the same as in your pics. Except the only pic of you I had in my head was that one you posted with the HUGE forehead. I was too worried I would start laughing if I actually did see ya.

DarkOpera said...

Talk to Tommy's producer. Suzanna went through a similar problem last year and might be able to offer advice that doesn't require cutting holes in your home.

Unless you enjoy that sort of thing!

N@ Lauzon said...

Thanks for all the tips guys!
I called Sears - for a free home estimate, also. Guess it couldn't hurt to see what they have to say. the time that was mentioned, I was out of the store already. That is a kick-ass Dollarama though, I'll tell you what. I was buying paper plates. Aisle One.

Newsguy Bob said...

N@: Paper or Chinet? My guess would be that coming from Dollarama, they're paper -- the kind that buckle under the weight of chili and potato salad, so that you end up wearing it instead of eating it.

Maria: I have seen N@ several times, starting when she was a wee young thing of 13 years old. The photo with the humungous forehead is the real thing. Being conceived in the back of a pimped-out Chevy pick-up truck next to a mine tailings pond will do that. Every other pic you have seen is touched up. But don't laugh at her, it's not polite.

Maria said...

WOW thanks for the tip NGB. Guess you can't miss her then with a HUGE forehead like that. Mine used to look like that until I grew bangs. LOL

N@ Lauzon said...

Bob may have been being cheeky - but I actually DO have a massive forehead. I come from a family of big heads. Not kiddin' ya.

Check your local listings and see my forehead for the next screening of your favourite movie.

Newsguy Bob said...

There are few things in life as good as a porn movie marathon, projected onto someone's massive forehead.

Love ya, N@.

Maria said...

here I go getting another vision!!

JB said...

Hey, NGB, I said what Milky said...just didn't take as long to make my point.


Newsguy Bob said...

You da man, JB, but you're no Milky!

So N@ has cranky windows??? What do they have to be cranky about. All they do all day is hang on the wall, letting light into our lives.