Friday, May 18, 2007

3 Dog Nights

There are 2 rats and a black lab at our place right now.

And guess which of the 3 is taking charge of the pack? Yeah - Reginald T. Farnsworth. He doesn't care WHAT kind of dog you are, he will own you. This kid fears nothing. Except baths. Hah. And he keeps trying to get her to play. Do you know how funny it is, seeing a chihuahua on his hind legs tapping his paws all over her face, sniffing? Almost as funny seeing him standing upright to sniff her butt. Yes, there will be photos.

Flea, on the other hand is a little more leery of strangers, so she's keeping her distance. I also think she's jealous of me petting the new gal, cuz Flea is all about the affection and it is being distributed elsewhere. But once she realized that 'being scary' (i.e. barking while hiding under the table) wasn't working, she relaxed.

Mica was adopted last summer from Rosie's Animal Adoption and she is a very chill, sweet dog. When they got her, she was packing a big spare tire. Now, she's all sleek and shiny and muscley. A different dog! When her person dropped her off last night, she didn't cry. She just kinda moaned for a while. Then she joined everyone in the bedroom to sleep.

I am looking forward to walking a big dog for a few days. And one that doesn't want to fight every other dog, cat, pigeon he sees outside. Plus, I won't have to deal with stupid people. You wouldn't believe how retarded people get when they see you walking a small dog. They will beeline for the dog - not even ask if they can pet it - then when the dog barks, they say something lunkheaded like, "Oooh, tough dog!".
I really never realized how stupid people are about that. IT'S A DOG, LOSER. You don't run toward a dog, going "eeeee!" flailing your arms. UGH!! Anyhoo.....don't get me started. Don't even get me started (did you see Molly Shannon on SNL last weekend?).

Anyway. Dog and rats.

Have a great long weekend! (I'm working Monday--but took the next Monday off. SUCKERS!)


Newsguy Bob said...

Hey, N@: Check this out. It's about three chihuahua puppies born without front legs.

I found it on a CNN feed. The station that did the story I'm using on our 11pm newscast tonight is on the web, but only for U.S. cable subscribers.

By the way, do you find it hard to type the word chihuahua? You have more practice at it than I do, so maybe not...

Misster Kitty said...

So... how'd the dog sitting go?