Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thank you!

It's been a busy few days! I've just put the final touches on the Countdown show for next weekend and have a few moments to check in.

I wanted to say thank you a million times over for helping us go above and beyond this year for the Montreal Children's Hospital. You helped raise over $2.4 million! Outstanding. I want to say MORE than thank you because it seems almost insignificant. I want to say "Thank you" in all caps, bold font, 1000 feet tall with a zillion exclamation marks! I am just always deeply touched by the generosity of this community when we call on you to help. You are amazing.

And, again - thank you J51 for your volunteering efforts. It was so great to meet you and see pics of your new grandson in person. Don't forget to update us now and then, will ya?

Ah. Big cleansing sigh. It's a rainy day, so I'm cleaning now. Always feels good to start the week fresh. Hope you had a great weekend. And we're back to regularly scheduled blogging this week.


JB said...

You're lucky - in my humble estimation - to have the satisfaction of being able to claim that kind of success. Where our radiothon here in Hamilton is just a small part of the fundraising campaign for our wonderful children's hospital, we only can lay claim to about a quarter of a million dollars after three days of really emotionally difficult radio, because most of the rest of the fundraising machine here is geared toward the Celebration telethon, and most companies and organizations wait until May to reveal their yearly gift to the hospital on TV. Although I get to be a part of the televised portion of the fundraising, the kind of passionate work that goes into our radiothon always leaves me a little disheartened when I see an incredible number like 2.4 million from a radiothon from sister stations in other parts of the country.

All that having been said - HUGE congratulations to you! I know how much those three days take out of me, and I'm sure you feel that part of it, too, so I hope you get - or have gotten - a chance to re-charge the batteries, and are very proud of what you helped accomplish.

j51 said...

after leaving the radiothon friday night, i drove directly to my son's house to hug my grandson & gave thanks for his health.The sick kids i met were smiling, laughing,such a positive look on fighting their was a memorable 3 days for me, i will never forget.For those of you who haven't met NAT, what a class-act

Maria said...

Met Nat? Hey I live with her in the hood and I have NOT met her yet!! lol

I would like to volunteer next year and hope I can. Thanks J51 for the e-mail address. I will contact them.

Made in China said...

Congrats on raising the funds for the hospital. I sure did a lot of boo-hoo-ing during those 3 days! :o)
(One of Doris' friends from the adoption community.)

Rick said...


On behalf of FB and the rest of the Staff at the MUHC, She would like me to say Thank you to you, The MIX and Everyone who donated their time.