Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hey Fartfaces, collectively!

I will be MIA for a while I think (though, whenever I say that I end up posting more than ever!). We have Radiothon tomorrow thru Friday, and we'll be broadcasting from the Montreal Children's Hospital all week. It's a tough few days, but inspiring and I am always better for it.

Lots of odds and ends to tidy up right now too. Things ta do! Things ta do!

Anyhoo, have a gret week. And btw..CQ? Where you at? My link no worky for you no' mo!

Gonna go make a tuna casserole right now. I am a fratboy.


Maria said...

CQ is MIA also, but you can e-mail her.

Newsguy Bob said...

YUCK! Tuna casserole. I'd rather have liver. I guess I'm not eating at your house tonight.

Hey, Maria! What's for supper? I had Greek last night from Greek on Wheels, but you have never have too much Greek food, right?

T said...

N@, I am here, but I deleted my blog as there is a lot of crap hitting the fan right now. I figured it would be for the best for the time being. Just so you know, I am hangin in and doing ok. Good luck with the radiothon...BTW, love tuna casserole, but I have not had it n eons...you can reach me at tvanier@ntl.sympatico.ca anytime

Maria said...

Nope you can NEVER have too much Greek food or too much of greek people.

JB said...

Nat, I'm thinking about you during your Radiothon. Having just been through ours here in Hamilton for Mac Kids, and with the Celebration TV telecast still ahead of me (I'm doing patient interviews on the tube this year), I know how emotionally draining it can be. Rewarding yes, but our emotions pay a price. Good luck in raising a ton. You guys always do a great job!