Thursday, April 12, 2007


Montreal is a Grade A mess.

We've got 10 cm of snow on the way. And right now, it's the heavy, wet, giant clumpy kind of snowflakes. I will say this - I always love the way fresh-fallen snow looks on the trees. So, it can't be all that bad.

When it started snowing this afternoon, I was at the Montreal Children's Hospital. And it hit me: here we are bitchin' and moanin' about more snow, when there are kids in here right now who'd give anything to be able to go out and play in it. Kids who've literally grown up in the hospital. Kids who can't go outside because their immune systems are so compromised, it would send them back months in treatment. And then - the snow took on a whole new feel for me.

It reminded me of a Radiothon story we heard a couple of years ago. There was a mother with a terminally ill newborn. This child was not going to make it. The mother was not faced with the prospect of surgery or medication or treatment. She was faced with saying goodbye.

It was raining that day. A light mist. And hospital staff soon spotted the woman outside on the hospital grounds, walking through the soft rain, baby in arms.

This child had spent every day of her short life inside hospital walls - hooked to machines, prodded with needles, struggling. She had never been outside. And the one gift this woman wanted to give her baby was something that we take for granted all the time.

The chance to feel the rain on her face, just once.

This woman was helpless and full of heartache and grieving for what was to come - but she could at least do this.

See, it's not all about medicine and equipment and treatment and doctors. It's also about compassion and love and all the intangibles. And let me tell you, all of this - it's there at the Montreal Children's Hospital. I have been lucky enough to feel it.

If you haven't given yet...

514 939 KIDS or 1 888 547 KIDS.

And thanks. :)


Maria said...

Every year my son empties his piggy bank at the Childrens during the telethon. Surprisingly a few hundred bucks. I told him I would match whatever he gave.

This year he wants to donate as well. He is a good kid. I guess I have to match his contribution its tradition!

We have to be grateful for all the children who have been helped by this hospital and God Bless.

Daphne said...

N@, I am an active eBay member and post on the forums 24/7. May I copy and paste this blog? I will of course include your name ;)

Thank you. I've been listening, and rarely have I not shed a tear.

You guys are great.

N@ Lauzon said...

Daphne - go for it! :)

j51 said...

i had the pleasure of being a volunteer at the radiothon.i fianlly got the privilage to meet NAT, she almost got away. i was posted at the wishing wall, kids would write a wish.i read some of them & could not hold back the tears, what couarge.heading back tomorrow.they need our HELP

tball said...

Nat after I read your blog I thought twice about cursing as I was cleaning my car for the 2nd time in 15 min. Your story gave me goosebumps. I was wondering if it would be ok to post part of your story on my blog. And about all that facebook stuff - I got sucked into it as well. It's great in a way cuz I was able to reconnect with some of my old friends. It would be great to see you on facebook but I respect your decision to stay off it. Your open letter was great.

Your transit stories are the best by the way.

N@ Lauzon said...

Tball, I'd be honoured...and also, thanks for the props! :)

On another note - j51 is the best ever! So glad to put a face to the web-handle we've known for so long. Heart of gold, folks. Heart of gold.

Marisa said...

N@, I have been spending lots of time driving about town this week, usually during your show. You have been doing a FATABULOUS job at the radiothon. The stories have had me in tears (not such a good thing when you are trying to drive).

I will discuss with the hubs today if we can manage a donation this year.

And btw, never drive on the Met during a's a parking lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat! This story just broke my heart... I've been listening to the radiothon alot in the past three days and it brings me back to just over a year ago when it was me who had to hand over my 5 month old daughter to the staff of Ste-Justine hospital who were going to perform open-heart surgery on her tiny little heart. It was the worst thing ever! They had said she would spend up to three weeks in the hospital, and 6 days after being admitted, she was back home! Now, a year later, she's just the most beautiful, smiling, energetic little girl I've ever seen! She's doing great. So, of course, since she was treated at Ste-Justine's, that's where my donations go to every year now. But I encourage everyone to donate to one of the hospitals because they are both great, and they really need this money!
You and the whole Mix group have done a great job during this telethon!
Have a great week-end!