Tuesday, April 17, 2007


In our old 'hood on Monkland (which is still sort of the current hood, but we are several blocks away and down now), there is a park bench on the lawn of a nearby apartment building.

I used to walk past it all the time on my way from our apt. to the gym. One day there was some graffiti on it that said: BRUCERONE. And every time I passed, I read it to myself, "Bruce-a-roni". I always thought it was kinda funny as far as graffiti goes. Bruce-a-roni - the San Francisco treat. Bruce-a-roni, the big jabroni.

Today, I went to the gym and passed the same bench. And suddenly it struck me. It wasn't funny graffiti after all. It was poor legibility. It actually said "BRUCE ROWE". The "W" was too squished on the left side, making it look like an "N".


Almost as lame as the graffiti sprayed near Villa Maria metro, beside the terminal for bus 162. Scrawled on a nearby shed facing the terminal is: "WHAT UP, 162?"

I miss Brucerone.


Ma Horton said...

You can learn a lot from the world's graffiti ..even a lot of phone numbers which I hear NGB collects in a lil black book .

JB said...

If there's a typo in your Bruce Rowe, don't be alarmed now,
It's just a spring clean for the May Queen.
Yes, there are two names you can go by, but in the long run,
There's still time to call it Brucerone.

Thank you.
I'm here all week.

Newsguy Bob said...


Aw, what the hell, the word's out, so why fight it? Without that little black book, I wouldn't have a -- how should I say? -- social life.

Maria said...

Your a nut who always makes me laugh. On most days your blog is like a Seinfeld episode no real meaning just laughter. Keep it up.

I love it!

Misster Kitty said...

I'm not sure if there's a connection... BUT... there is a 'Mr. B. Rowe' that lives on Ricardo Rd in Mill Valley California... (a suburb of San Francisco)